#SummerOfSlash 2017: HATCHET

Ok, so Hatchet isn’t technically set in the summertime. It’s late winter/early spring (Mardi Gras), but it’s set deep in the bayou so it’s still hot and sweaty. It counts!

I don’t LOVE this movie, but I respect the hell out of Adam Green’s use of practical FX. The tagline says it all: “Old School American Horror.” Green makes use of his wealth of genre friends and casts Robert Englund and Tony Todd is bit parts. And his coup de grace is casting his friend Kane Hodder as our slasher, Victor Crowley. It’s fun, funny, bloody, and immature (not necessarily a bad thing).

If you don’t know who Adam Green is, I was first turned on to him through his podcast, The Movie Crypt, hosted with fellow filmmaker Joe Lynch. It’s an excellent show that dives deeper than most into the process of filmmaking. I highly recommend giving it a listen.


Buy here!

Head over to Adam’s production company, ArieScope, to check out all the awesome stuff he does. You can even pick up a signed Blu-ray of Hatchet (among tons of other merch) for only $15!

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