#SummerOfSlash 2017: SLEEPAWAY CAMP

Like I said on our summer slashers episode, I believe Sleepaway Camp to be the penultimate in summer camp horror. Yes, I even put it ahead of The Burning or any Friday the 13th.

If you haven’t seen Sleepaway Camp, rectify that immediately. Watch it on Shudder, or better yet, buy the collector’s edition Blu-ray from Scream Factory!

Buy here!

There are some movies that inspire people to create their own fan art, and I found that Sleepaway Camp is just that type of movie. Here are a few pieces I found that I dug.

Derek Stewart
by Derek Stewart
By fearhasnocure on DeviantArt
By iBTrav
ShaunTM-Cinema Snob
By ShaunTM on CinemaSnob
The Dark Lord Keisha-DeviantArt
By The Dark Lord Keisha on DeviantArt


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