Let Me Watch that for you: The Sand


Directed By: Isaac Gabaeff
Written By: Alex Greenfield and Ben Powell
Released:  August 28, 2015
Runtime: 84 Minutes
Watch this on: Amazon Prime

The Sand is a 2015 American horror movie that takes us to an unnamed beach playing host to an end of school rager. When eight students wake up the next morning to find a desolate beach and no signs of a party they begin to think something has gone horribly wrong, but what could it be? It couldn’t be the sand… could it?

First and foremost let me answer two big questions. Is this movie about killer sand? The answer is yes. Is it any good? The answer, no not really. The acting is this movie is predictably bad and everything from the screams to the laughably bad writing is overacted. The plot is pretty simple, kids party, kids wake up, kids find deserted beach, kids get eaten one by one by an unseen sand monster. The movie becomes a giant “the floor is lava” game as the students try to escape without touching the carnivorous sand. That’s not to say The Sand isn’t without its charms though, the gore, while done with pretty shoddy CGI is abundant and the kills are pretty gruesome.  The monster was also a plus for its originality until the end, when it devolved into a CGI mess.

While I do not recommend this movie give it a watch if you have a group of friends that want to have a B-Move laugh, are a fan of D-List celebrity cameos, or want to watch a man have his face eaten by killer sand.

Grade: 3/10


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