#SummerOfSlash 2017: Psycho II

Let me start by saying if you haven’t seen the sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Psycho, please rectify that immediately. It barely missed being in my 10/35. Anthony Perkins delivers one of the most believable portraits of a psychopath I’ve ever seen. It’s fun. It’s sweaty. It belongs in sequels week of SoS 2017.

The little piece of fun stuff I want to share for Psycho II was… shocking… the first time I heard about it. Like I said before, I LOVE Perkins’s performance in this movie. I can’t see anyone else as Norman Bates in this series of movies (Highmore did great in the television show). Imagine, if you will, someone else playing Norman Bates in Pscyho II. Who might come to mind? Roy Scheider? Peter O’Toole? Robert Vaughn? Dabney Coleman? (These are all actors born the same year as Perkins, btw.) How about… gulp… Christopher Walken?

Let me tell you something: My father was a very big man. And all his life he wore a black mustache. When it was no longer black, he used a small brush, such as ladies use for their eyes. Mascara.

Huh? What? Just imagine it with me, won’t you. And don’t forget to Collector’s Edition Blu-ray from Scream Factory.

Buy here!

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