[Show Notes] #72 Horror Remakes w/ Brandon Voorhees


Brandon Voorhees – Graveyard Smash


Brandon Voorhees

Our good friend Brandon Voorhees from the Omaha horror-punk band Graveyard Smash returns to The Basement for a third time. I’m glad to call Brandon a friend now because I don’t (personally) know too many people that get as excited about horror movies and the Halloween season as me.

We continued our new tradition of kicking things off (in Shock Waves style) with discussing some genre films each of us had recently watched. In the past week I had seen Sleepaway Camp in 35mm at Alamo Drafthouse, and one of the best documentaries and Halloween season staple The American Scream. Kevin caught Jeepers Creepers. And Brandon started watching two new TV shows: Blood Drive and Castlevania.

And we started a new tradition this week with our music. From here on out, we’ll be playing a track off the score of our feature presentation, so this week we checked out “Prodigal Son” off the My Bloody Valentine 3D score by Michael Wandmacher. Get the double LP soundtrack from Waxwork Records!

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New Releases

The Night of the Sorcerers/The Loreley’s Grasp

Buy here!

The Bat People

Buy here!

We moved on to our topic for the night which was horror remakes and movies we’d like to see get the remake treatment. Some of our favorite remakes were The Thing (1982), The Fly (1986), Maniac (2012), Halloween (2007), The Amityville Horror (2005), and Night of the Living Dead (1990) among several others.

Feature Presentation

My Bloody Valentine 3D {2009 / R / 1h 41m}

W – Todd Farmer, Zane Smith
D – Patrick Lussier
S – Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith

“After a horrible accident in a coal mine, the victim of the explosion – Harry Warden – wakes from his coma and exacts his revenge on the small town of Harmony. Ten years later, and after the supposed death of Harry Warden, the heir to the mine – and one of Harry’s surviving victims – returns to Harmony. Upon his arrival, the grisly murders resume, reminiscent of the rage in which the miner inflicted upon the town. Is Harry Warden really back from the grave? Or is it the kid from Dawson’s Creek? Or maybe it’s the kid from Supernatural? Surely it can’t be the black guy. Either way, evil has returned to Harmony on Valentine’s Day.”

Double Feature Picks

Brandon – Leprechaun Origins

Kevin – House of Wax (2005)

Anthony – Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

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