Let Me Watch that for You: All Through the Night


Directed By: Todd Nunes
Written By: Todd Nunes
Released:  October 31, 2015
Runtime: 95 Minutes
Watch this on: Amazon Prime

All Through the House is a 2015 American holiday-slasher movie that takes us to a sleepy neighborhood in Napa California. When Rachel Kimmel comes back home for winter break she hopes to spend time with family and friends. Little does she know she will become the target of a Santa suit-clad maniac.

While the Summer of Slash keeps on chugging along, and with how hot it has been, who couldn’t use a little Christmas in July! This one was a real doozy. In pure low-budget slasher style the dialogue isn’t great and is filled with dirty jokes that usually miss the mark. The plot was ambitious enough, and kept me engaged throughout with some well thought-out twists and revelations. The killer is creepy, and I don’t know what kind of Santa the mask is supposed to portray but it’s very unsettling. Now, to the reason everyone actually watches slasher movies: the body count. It is high! This Santa doesn’t go more than maybe 10 minutes with out hacking through another hapless young adult. The kills are unique, brutal (very brutal), and this movie is loaded with gore and pretty good practical effects.

I give this movie a light recommendation knowing that it is definitely not going to be for everyone, or most people. Give this a watch if you need a little holiday cheer in this nasty summer heat, if you want to see a mess of young adults being killed all set to old-timey Christmas music, and if you want to see an older woman pushed off of a cliff in her wheelchair, bound by Christmas lights.

Grade: 5/10


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