#SummerOfSlash 2017: Silent Rage

Thanks to Rob G. of Shock Waves, this gem of a Chuck Norris film was brought to my attention. Silent Rage is about a genetically altered psychopath who, thanks to science, can’t be killed. Norris plays Dan Stevens, the sheriff of the town (with Stephen Furst as his deputy, Charlie). Together with Sheriff Dan’s lover, Alison (Toni Kalem), and Alison’s doctor-brother, Tom (played by one of my favorite actors, Ron Silver) they must stop this killing machine while battling a biker gang and mad scientists in the meantime.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Take my word for it: it is. But that’s what you get with Chuck Norris.

Insert meme here.

This has all the over-the-top, ass-kicking, cheesy-one-liner fun one expects from a Chuck Norris film. But Silent Rage has one thing most CN films are missing: a love scene montage. And thanks to the miracle that is YouTube, I have said montage right here for your viewing (or spewing) pleasure!

Mill Creek released Silent Rage in a triple feature Blu-ray with Blind Fury and White Line Fever. You won’t need the cocaine to get the adrenaline pumping after watching this triple feature. Plus, it’s real cheap. You can also watch it on our favorite streaming service, Shudder. (also, don’t do drugs)

Buy here!

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