Interview: John Miller!


The true artists are those heroes who just do whatever they feel like doing. Fuck the status quo, and fuck what you want. They do things just to do them. What tickles your fancy is of little concern. It isn’t always pretty. In fact, in seldom is. John Miller swims in muddy, crime-filled waters.


He first gained some widespread notoriety as writer and producer of the disturbing Amerikan Holokaust, and has gone on to make several more films including $kumbagz and Crackbaby Billionaire. I had the pleasure of interviewing John Miller and here’s what he had to say.

Are the rumors true? Do you only use condiments for lubrication during sexual intercourse?

I prefer spit. First I spit on a bitch’s face. Then I spit on my dick and jam it in there.

I also heard that you’re suuuper racist.

I’m pretty bad at being a racist. I’ve only dated black chicks, I live in what most would consider the hood, my films are packed to the brim with non-whites. With that said the lefty thought police have gone so far off the deep end that it’s borderline criminal to be a white guy and I kind of like that. I’ve never felt apart of the “white community” but suddenly the entire borders, language, culture, Trump phenomenon appeals to me because it’s everything the establishment tells me to be against.

Do you find that being the writer of Amerikan Holokaust is still your biggest claim to fame, so to speak?

Pretty much. I’ve kind of gone in a different direction since then because there are certain types of films that I wanted to make while I’m still young enough to get away with making them. I can’t be a 40 year old white guy still making ghetto wigger films. Now that it’s out of my system I can get back to making the Holokaust type films.


How would you describe your aesthetic? Is Florida key to the type of material you produce?

Sweaty, southern sleaze. Florida is unique because in its glory days it was the type of place people could come and re-invent themselves (though they rarely did). Kind of a soupy swamp orgy of diverse, degenerate trash from all over the country breeding bi-racial, redneck children. It’s expensive now and lost a lot of its original charm but I try to pay homage to the old Florida as best I can.

Did you imagine yourself doing this as a kid? Have you always been into fucked up shit, as it were?

Yeah. When I was a kid I was really into reading books from the library on the paranormal, occult, extra terrestrials and I was always around these “colorful” people that were in and out of sticky situations. I loved eavesdropping on their stories and I was also pretty good at art so making films was just sort of a natural thing that combined all my weirdo interests.

What are you currently working on?

Nothing at the moment but I do have this idea for a serial killer script that I’d love to see happen.

What are you ultimately trying to accomplish?

I don’t want to be Tarantino or Rob Zombie or one of these guys trying desperately to cling to the glory days or create some sort of resurgence. Horror and exploitation as we know it and love it is dead. I want to be something new and for the most part I am successful at that. Whether it goes anywhere is a different story but I’d like to see a new wave of realness that kicks in the teeth of the lefty moral police and the Hollywood stiffs. I want to be the opposite of everything that is currently hip.


Do you have any strong opinions about crowdfunding?

I’m lazy and incompetent so I’m insecure that I’d fuck it all up if I did one. I don’t like it but whatever. If people have success with it good for them.

Fuck, Marry, Kill: John Waters, Harmony Korine, Werner Herzog

Fuck Harmony Korine, Marry John Waters and kill Werner Herzog. Does this make me gay?


Thanks again to John Miller! If you aren’t easily offended, follow him on Instagram @wolvesgottaeat

Stay slime!


3 thoughts on “Interview: John Miller!

  1. A fascinating and insightful read. I am perturbed deeply that Mr. Miller (a true auteur if there ever was one in these trying times) recommended death upon the great Werner Herzog, a good friend of mine. Perhaps John Miller should break the wall of artifice and admit that he is the heir apparent of the German New Wave. Fassbinder, Wenders and Herzog would undoubtedly approve of Crackbaby Billionaire.


    1. The Gore Met wants desperately to be hog tied in an all male scat scene for the next movie. He has a keen insight and fascination with all things John Miller. He’s already worn out his copy of Crackbaby Millionaire!


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