#SummerOfSlash 2017: The Final Weekend

No, “The Final Weekend” is not the name of a slasher movie (that I’m aware of, but maybe it should be). It’s here, folks. We made it (almost). The last weekend of Summer of Slash 2017. I’m proud of you. Take a deep breath, chug the last of your whiskey, and get ready for one more big push. I believe in you!

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane


I’ll be giving this a second watch this weekend because… well, I really, really hated it the first time I saw it. But so many people praise this movie, it deserves one more shot from me. Amber Heard and Anson Mount are here for our viewing pleasure.

Just Before Dawn


This is the final film of SoS of which I have not yet seen. And it wouldn’t be summer without an appearance by fabulous character actor Mike Kellin. He appears alongside George Kennedy and is directed by Jeff Lieberman (Blue SunshineSatan’s Little Helper). I’m completely sold. Get the Blu-ray from our friends at Code Red.

Buy here!

The House On Sorority Row


This could very well end up in my top 10 discovery list this year. I fucking loved this. There’s almost nothing I love more that a group of young women getting their revenge on a curmudgeon of a housemother, having the tables turned, and being slaughtered, one-by-one, with a cane.

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