Let Me Watch that for You: Creep


Directed By: Patrick Brice
Written By: Patrick Brice and Mike Duplass
Released:  June 23, 2015
Runtime: 77 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

Creep is a 2014 found footage horror film that introduces us to Aaron, a videographer who answers a Craigslist ad for $1,000 in exchange for an 8-hour video session. The subject is Josef, who wants Aaron to shoot a day in his life for his unborn son. As the day progresses Aaron find that there is a much darker side to Josef.

I must say, after a couple weeks of low budget, cheesy slasher movies this was a joy to watch. Brice and Duplass play both of their characters wonderfully and they create some genuinely creepy moments. The movie was well written and I really like that instead of hitting you with overwhelming dread and tension, the movie increases your unease and anxiety at a natural pace. There are a handful of jump scares but they really don’t detract from the creepy vibe that Josef oozes throughout this whole film. On the surface Creep has a pretty simple plot. But don’t be fooled, this movie will keep you guessing all the way up to the incredibly smart ending.

I highly recommend this film. Give it a watch if you wanna see a smart, well-executed thriller, a movie that will keep you on your toes and guessing, or if you want to find out who “peachfuzz” is and why you should be terrified of him.

Grade: 9/10

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