Letter From the Editor – August 2017

When I set out to start the podcast – followed by the blog a year later – I had no end game in sight. I never pontificated questions like, “What do I want out of this?” “Will I make a living doing it?” or “Will I stop doing this if I haven’t reached (insert goal) in (insert number) years?” As I sit right here and now I can answer those questions: a place for my like-minded friends to work out/share ideas/opinions about horror movies; not that I can see (not that money was ever the goal); no. I do this – Elliot, Trey, and Daena do this – because it’s a creative outlet, it’s an excuse to watch movies, and maybe – just maybe – we get opportunities to talk to some really cool people (i.e. The 7 Deadly Questions w/ Bill Moseley, Interview w/ Filmmaker Drew Marvick, etc.). With that said, we’re not out to make a buck (although we won’t refuse a buck, or several bucks), and we’re not out trying to change the horror blogger game. We just like horror movies, and we like to write about them.

At the beginning of the year I set some “Basement goals” for myself. Some have come to fruition (like this blog you’re currently visiting), some are in the works, and some have a low probability of happening in 2017. One of the things I was most excited about when I left my full-time job in the spring of 2016 was knowing that I wouldn’t have any annual goals and the half-dozen meetings that go along with said goals. Well, I realized (to my chagrin) goals are healthy. Thus, these “Basement goals.” But hallelujah, no goddamn meetings! Needless to say, we’re working on some cool stuff for the fall.

I also want to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to our dedicated listeners and readers. I realize not every episode of the podcast or blog post is going to hit your sweet spot. You may connect with certain guests or authors on a different level than others, and that is actually what we’re striving for. We don’t want every single post on the blog to be the same dreck repeating itself over and over. We don’t want every episode of the podcast to be exactly the same. As far as the podcast goes, I like a format (obviously), and I like to stick to the same basic format for each show. Over the course of nearly 18 months we’ve tweaked things here and there, but my basic outline has stayed the same. Like a Slurpee, you change up the flavors every now and then, but deep down you know it’s still a Slurpee. It’s all the different guests we bring on that change the flavor of the Slurpee you’ve come to love. And with the blog, each author has his or her own style (thank God!), and you may connect more with one over another. That’s absolutely perfect. You kind of know what you’re going to get from each author, but (like the Slurpee) each article will take on its own flavor. Keep supporting our writers. Keep supporting our guests. Let them know that you loved that piece they wrote last week, or the episode they were on a month back. Ever since TBOaH started, it’s never been about accolades or compliments for ME. It’s been about the guests. Support our guests and our writers. Encouragement and love and support does nothing but good things for all involved.

*Shameless plug: click here to rate and review the podcast on iTunes. Tell your friends about us. We don’t have a dime to invest, so word of mouth is the only way. (I never said I DIDN’T want any compliments.)*

Looking ahead for the month of August, we have some great guests lined up for the podcast. First up is Chris Kelley from the band Montee Men. You’ve heard his wife (Makayla), and now it’s Chris’s turn. We’ll be talking Alien and sci-fi/horror. The following week Sean McCarthy is returning with a really interesting concept: sequel drop-offs. What are some sequels that really stunk it up following a great entry in its series of movies. With that in mind, the feature presentation that week is none other than Alien 3. The third week of August has Billy Peck returning to talk Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. We’ll also be ranking all of Zombie’s features that week. And finally, your favorite classic horror columnist Daena Schweiger is joining us for an evening of creepy dolls and 1978’s Magic.

As far as the blog goes, look for the great pieces by our wonderful columnists you’ve come to love (AND SUPPORT). We’ll have more interviews, lists, and maybe I’ll do another Soundtrack Creation. I’ll also be starting my brand new weekly column reviewing monster movies. I’m still trying to work out a good name for it, but I can never watch enough monster movies so this is a great excuse to do so.

Thanks again for your continued love and support. Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming!


Anthony King


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