There’s More to YouTube: ReignBot

YouTube is not something to which I give considerable thought. Many of you lizard people out there have had favorite YouTubers for years, and spend a good amount of your downtime drinking in videos from this new breed of celebrity. Is it because these people are more “real” than the standard celebrity? Is it because you know precisely how to contact them and are even likely to get a response and that makes you feel connected to something much bigger? Whatever the reason, I’ve never been able to comprehend it. Well… not until recently…


A friend of mine shared a video with me called “YouTube Channel Points to Actual Murders”. This video is part 6 of ReignBot’s Shrouded Truth series, and focuses on the channel called simply “Deeper”. Deeper is a mysterious channel that contains many seemingly random short videos, but embedded within these videos and in text throughout the channel are various codes and ciphers. Secrets that reference missing persons and murders, hinting that the uploader is responsible for these murders and is giving clues in a similar fashion to The Zodiac Killer. I was hooked. Throughout her video, we learn a bulk of what has been widely uncovered by 4chan and reddit internet sleuths.

A clue! A clue!


ReignBot approaches the subject in a very subdued, solemn, and matter-of-fact way. Her voice is very soothing and perfectly suited for talking about the subject matter. Another thing of note (and perhaps most importantly) is that she prefers simply narrating her videos rather than plastering her face all over the screen. ReignBot clearly isn’t seeking cheap internet fame, and is truly interested in the subject matter. Needless to say, this all lead me down the rabbit hole that is ReignBot’s channel.


She has a fair amount of videos that analyze the more disturbing side of the internet. Topics such as things you should never google, myth debunking, lost media, and the like. My favorite video series of hers is the one that introduced me to her in the first place. The Shrouded Truth series.

With The Shrouded Truth, ReignBot tackles unsolved mysteries and online anomalies. This series is bascically Unsolved Mysteries in the age of millenials. Odd and unexplained websites, chilling videos, conspiracies, and rumors are all investigated. She puts a lot of time in researching and seeking answers, eventually coming to her own speculative conclusion, while inviting the viewer to decide for themselves. These things are mysteries for a reason, after all.

And you get a nightmare! And YOU get a nightmare! And YOUUU get a nightmare!

Aside from the occasional natural mentions of “I talked about this at length in another video” and “thanks for subscribing”, ReignBot’s channel plays more like a tv show than a youtube channel, which is in part what makes the channel so appealing to me. Before I mostly just associated YouTube with fail videos and the PewDiePies and Jenna Marbleses. Now, thanks to ReignBot and the suggested and related videos that accompany her, I see that there is a completely different side to YouTube. The veil of ignorance has been lifted, and now I have a new method of depriving myself of sleep.

Stay slime, and be rad at all times!

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