The One With the Halloween Party

I just wanted to take a minute and profess my love for the greatest sitcom of the 90s: Friends. (Fight me!) I own every season, I can recite nearly all 236 episodes by heart, and I still laugh out loud when watching it to this day. To my wife’s chagrin, I will never, ever tire of this show.

August is upon us which means I’m already in the Halloween spirit, so it got me thinking about one of my favorite Friends episodes. Practically spearheaded by Roseanne, viewers could always look forward to a Halloween episode on most sitcoms. From Home Improvement to Frasier in the 90s, to The Office, Happy Endings, and How I Met Your Mother more recently, sitcoms have always seemed to embrace our favorite holiday.

So let’s take a moment and give glory to my favorite costumes on the Friends episode, “The One With the Halloween Party.”

Sean Penn in spandex wearing the solar system.
Could he BE any more Chandler?
“Always no bunny at all!” 
Team Ross. Forever and always.

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