[Show Notes] #77 Halloween II w/ Billy Peck

We love Billy so much that we had him back two times in the same year. Billy was our first show of 2017 (listen to it here), and when someone a few months back brought up Rob Zombie’s Halloween II and their disdain for it, Billy immediately texted me and said he wanted to come on the show and defend RZ’s films. I was ALL for it because, as you can read here, I fucking love Rob Zombie’s movies. So we decided to do what any normal human being does: we ranked his movies.

Billy Peck

Billy is a guest that will be showing up more frequently. There’s only a handful of people in the world that I know (well enough) to have lengthy, meaningful conversations about genre films, and Billy is definitely one of those people. I can’t wait to have him back on because it’s a blast every single time.

Here’s what we talked about…

Recently Watched

We Are the Flesh (2016, Emiliano Rocha Minter)


The Transfiguration (2016, Michael O’Shea)


The Loved Ones (2009, Sean Byrne)


The Void (2016, Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski)

The Void

Raw (2016, Julia Ducournau)


Ash vs. Evil Dead (TV Series, 2015-)


The Devil’s Candy (2015, Sean Byrne)


The Monster Squad (1987, Fred Dekker)


It Comes At Night (2017, Trey Edward Shults)


House on Willow Street (2016, Alastair Orr)


New Releases

Society (1989, Brian Yuzna)

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Effects (1980, Dusty Nelson)

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The Slayer (1982, J.S. Cardone)

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“Halloween Theme 2009” by John Carpenter & Tyler Bates

Buy the Halloween II score here!

Feature Presentation

Halloween II (2009, Rob Zombie)

2009 / R / 1h 45m
Written by Rob Zombie
Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Tyler Mane, Malcom McDowell, Brad Dourif, Danielle Harris, Sheri Moon Zombie

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