Schlock & Gore: Killing Spree (1987)

Up until a week ago, I had never even heard of it. Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t imagine talking about direct-to-video horror without mentioning Tim Ritter’s Killing Spree.

Now first of all, I KNOW I’m not the only one who’s seen Killing Spree, but it FEELS that way. Like there was one copy in existence, and it appeared out of thin air– out of the volition of some warped gnostic demiurge into a moldy box on a dusty shelf in the musky basement of someone who died or vacated long ago. I even watched the bulk of this movie WITH someone and I still feel alone. It’s as though this movie was beamed into my head in the form of some indescribable sensation…

I don’t know why.

But! Killing Spree is the akwardly written story of Tom (played by Asbestos Felt (he’s acting Asbestos he can! ha! ha!)). Tom is irritable and nearing his breaking point. This is revealed through moments of pure vitriol in the form of woodenly delivered super-anger.

[Insert joke about getting head]
Tom finds his wife’s diary, reads about her extramarital excursions, and decides it’s time to go on a, you guessed it…


Interested to see a ceiling fan have blades attached and then used to murder someone? Tom gotchu!

Interested to see A screwdriver dropped from a 6 foot ladder somehow manage to impale someone’s skull? Tom gotchu!

Want to have your childhood fears validated? Tom gotchu! Story time!

When I was a kid, the opportunity to get into fights arose fairly often. Typically I would dissolve any animosity with humor or by being relatable or understanding. It’s not that I was scared, well… actually that is why. But not for the reasons you might think! I had an irrational fear that if I ever punched someone in the face, their jaw would just pop off and slide across the floor. Now as silly as that is, when Tom easily rips the jaw free from his elderly neighbor by using a claw hammer in Killing Spree, I felt some validation.

Tom’s wife has a few scenes that intentionally resemble the opening moments of non-gonzo porn. Repairmen and the like. Better sleep with all of these strangers and then write about it in my diary!

“Why is she writing all of this down!”

This movie isn’t flecked with, but doused in flaws. Questionable camera angles and cuts, poor SFX, atrocious dialogue, and odd logic among them (like if Tom was so worried about his wife cheating on him, why would he force her to stay home while he works? And why does Tom’s best friend look like a porn producer with 20 years on him and nothing in common?). But without its flaws, this movie wouldn’t be the hilarious, nutty, campy cult-classic it is today. A Killing Spree without Asbestos Felt forcing the weirdest maniacal laugh directly into the camera while looking like Jodorowsky from The Holy Mountain is a Killing Spree I don’t care to see.


No, Killing Spree is not good, but it’s essential viewing for anyone curious about how to make a movie for the price of a bacon-cheeseburger.

Oh, and did I mention that all of the dead inexplicably return as zombies? And that’s not even the twist!


*”Acting Asbestos he can” joke written by my girlfriend, Jade.

Stay Slime, and be rad at all times!

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