Schlock & Gore: EL Gore’s Snuff Tape Anthology (2010-2016)

There are those of you out there that will like this, but if we’re being honest, EL Gore’s Snuff Tape Anthology is a clump of torture shorts that brings nothing new to the table. You’re likely to read that very thing in every review of STA you can find. So, if you like, consider this review as derivative as the films it’s reviewing. They aren’t good individually, or together in this anthology.

Imagine the Guinea Pig films, except every operating table is a bathtub, and the soundtrack is Anal Fistfuckers. Voila! You’ve now seen EL Gore’s STA.

I’m keeping my one undecomposed eye on you.

It is derivative and exhausting with gross out tampon and baby-murder sequences. Pissing on and having sex with corpses. It’s all shock for shock’s sake. Is it too much to ask for a bit of mise-en-scène to give glimmers of the characters and their backstory? They were almost onto something with the occasional set ups involving shots of worms and dead birds. Almost poetic establishing shots. Not enough of this was present to consider it a successful attempt. I was begging for this movie to actually give me something. To add some poetry to the torture for heaven’s sake! For example:

What if a guy hovers over an unconscious body in the bathtub. Does he want to do these acts or is he driven to? We could have smash cuts back and forth between this and images of writhing snakes or skeletons dancing. Their bones could be jangling in the soundtrack even as we are watching these sick acts perpetrated on screen. Or maybe as the camera pans around the room we could see the walls covered in images of an obsession. Pictures of eyeballs or buttcheeks or something. Refraining from being interesting didn’t make EL Gore’s Snuff Tape Anthology unflinching and brutal. It made it, as the kids say, boring AF.

That moment underpants face takes a drink.

One might say it’s “all killer, no filler”, but the killing is so boring that it feels like 96 minutes of filler. But anyway, here’s the runtime broken down:

Snuff Tape 0 – Black & Died (4 min)
Snuff Tape 1 – Red (6 min)
Snuff Tape 2 – Red & Yellow (10 min)
Snuff Tape 3 – Dead, Red & Brown (24 min)
Snuff Tape 4 – Dead Baby Fast Food (8 min)
Snuff Tape 5 – Final Orgasm Extreme Suicide (11 min)
Snuff Tape 6 – Organ Trade Autopsy (6 min)
Snuff Tape 7 – Gore Abortion (20 min)
The Lost Snuff Tape – Dead Body Rape (7 min)

A good torture flick from time-to-time can be sobering. A good palate cleanser. Don’t expect that here. STA is like being promised candy and then getting handed a piece of homemade molasses. The effects are among some of the cheapest looking I’ve ever seen including using baby dolls that are supposed to be real babies. STA lacks the feeling of realness that exists in the August Underground films, lacks the psychedelic sickness of Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, and lacks the originality of the Ginî Piggu.

This is the only shot I liked in the whole movie.

There’s some decent dong dismemberment, but between Schramm, Tantrum, and now this, I feel like I’ve seen enough self-inflicted cock mutilation for a lifetime.

Basically, if you have an uncompromising love for shit like this, or wished that you had a movie to accompany your favorite Anal Fistfuckers album, then give STA a shot. Otherwise, steer clear.

Finally, as a collector, I am still glad to have this rare set in my collection. If you are still interested, you can purchase it from or from Amazon by clicking on the cover art below.


Stay slime, and be rad at all times

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