Let Me Watch that for You: President’s Day

presidents day

Directed By: David Zuckerman
Written By: David Zuckerman and Benjamin Goodwin
Released:  June 6th, 2017
Runtime: 76 Minutes
Watch this on: Amazon Prime

Presidents Day is a 2017 holiday horror movie that asks not what its country can do for you, but instead asks what a gaggle of reanimated undead presidents can do to a cabin full of partying teens.

Presidents Day is brought to us by Brain Damage Films who are synonymous with terrible, low budget, B-grade horror movies. This one is no different. The characters are annoying for the sake of being annoying, the writing is woefully bad, and the effects are beyond sub-par. Don’t expect much in the line of a story as it sets itself up like any slasher: a bunch of kids head out to a remote cabin to celebrate President’s Day, and accidentally summon an army of murderous, zombie presidents. As you can expect, the movie is full of presidential puns, and while most of these miss the mark, some had me actually laughing out loud. Through all the pun-y nonsense, characters constantly break the fourth wall, questioning their own actions and calling out all the jokes that skirt the bad taste line. Usually the saving grace for these B-grade movies is the gore, but unfortunately Presidents Day misses the mark here by being pretty tame on that front.

While I can’t find myself recommending this movie, go ahead and give it a watch if you want to see a super low-budget B-movie filled with puns about presidents, if you want to see a man brawl fight a baseball bat-wielding JFK, or if you ever watched Uncle Sam and just have to get more patriotic slasher action.

Grade: 3/10



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