Letter From the Editor – September, 2017

Times, they are a changin’.

I work a very part-time job a couple nights a week that involves counting money. The higher I count, the more flabbergasted I get. “Why would anyone spend so much money to park their goddamn car!” My entire life I’ve always hated money. Sure, I like things, but I don’t like that I usually have to spend money to acquire said things. As the (stupid) saying goes, “Money is a necessary evil.” And in 2017 it costs money to do almost anything. Even if the cost is low.

I’m skirting the issue, but what I’m trying to say here is that it costs money to do the podcast. And if we want to grow at all (which we do), we need to upgrade some basic things. This blog, for instance. This blog is 100% free as it stands, but it comes with a caveat. We will eventually run out of media storage, and instead of saying, “I run a website – thebasementonahill.com,” I have to say, “I run a website – spookdujour.wordpress.com.” Granted, it’s not the end of the world to add the “dot wordpress dot com,” but it sort of bums me out every time it comes out of my mouth. So we want to drop the “dot wordpress dot com.”

And the actual podcast. We’re hosted through Soundcloud, and they’ve been a dream to work through. It costs money to do that, though. Not a lot, but over the course of a year I think, “Man, that could’ve been a really nice date night with my wife,” or “Dear God a baby is coming we need more diapers.” To drop the “wordpress” from the website is the same cost as hosting for the podcast. Honestly, it’s not a lot of money, but this is where you can help out.

Crowdfunding has really taken off over the last five-or-so years. I think it’s a marvelous opportunity for the public to get behind a project and support it financially. The thing is, though, there is so much to support. I find myself passing up really great opportunities to support great projects because I had already donated to a different project. So with that in mind, I want to do everything we can to avoid any type of crowdfunding so you, the reader/listener, can support other fine podcasts/movies/albums/art installations/websites/etc. We’re still asking for your money, but we’re going about it a little differently.


The Basement On a Hill recently became an Amazon Affiliate. What that means is we can advertise products from Amazon on our blog, and in return, we have the opportunity to make a little coin. So from henceforth, in all our reviews, articles, show notes, etc. you’ll have the chance to buy the movie we’re writing/talking about. In each article you’ll see the poster for the movie. You can also check out the Movie Store page which has an alphabetical list of most of the movies we’ve reviewed on the podcast. Click the poster art in the article, and it’ll take you to an Amazon link. If you buy the movie (or whatever it is we’re writing about) from that link, we’ll get a small percentage of that sale. If we get enough sales, we’ll be able to cover the cost of the website and podcast hosting.

It’s quite simple. We’re asking for your support in this way. Maybe down the line we’ll check out Patreon, but for now this is the route we’re taking. Eventually we’d love to have The Basement be self-sustaining with t-shirts, buttons, stickers, posters, etc. In order to get there, though, we’re going to need you to buy some movies.

As always, Elliot, Trey, Daena, Kevin, and I thank you all so much for your love and support. From the bottoms of our hearts, we’re forever in your debt for listening to the podcast and reading the blog. We’re not going anywhere, and we’ll still be giving you the content you’ve come to know from The Basement. And with your help, we can grow into something really special.

All the best,

Anthony King


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