Drafthouse of Horrors Returns!

As residents of Omaha, NE, sometimes I think we take for granted how lucky we are. Sure, there’s the corn and beef and football and brutal winters and unbearable summers, but trust me, we’re lucky. You may not think of Omaha as being a mecca for cinema, but did you know that not even Los Angeles has an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema? (Well, not for long, but still, we had one first.) And as horror fans, there is NO OTHER cinema that feeds our black souls better than The Alamo. Case in point: Drafthouse of Horrors.


You know our friend Derek (listen to his previous appearances here and here), and just like us, you’ve come to realize what a treasure he is. As the creative manager and programmer of The Drafhouse, Derek brings in new releases big chains would never show. On top of that, we get to see actual celluloid prints of movies we here in the Great Plains would more than likely never EVER see. Just to name a few, I’ve seen My Bloody ValentineThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and Sleepaway Camp on 35mm prints. I won’t even mention the innumerable special guests they bring in, the special events they put on, and the local partnerships they (Derek) has formed. We’re incredibly lucky to have had him on the show, and I’m personally lucky to call him a friend. (Enough sap, back to DoH.)

Last year Omaha got to experience a genre fan’s wet dream (gross) by having 31 straight days of horror programming. The Basement was lucky enough to strike up a partnership with The Drafthouse, and I’m pleased to say we’re doing it again this year! Along with Arrow Video, IFC Midnight, Camp Fear, and The Imaginarium, we’re proud to partner with The Drafthouse and bring you special guests, rare prints, movie parties, blood, guts, and all the gore you can handle in October. And something new for this year, The Drafthouse is introducing an Attendance Program to reward its loyal customers:

5 Visits: Free Popcorn + 2 Alamo Tix

9 Visits: Free Shake + 2 Alamo Tix

12 Visits: Free Entree + 4 Alamo Tix

15 Visits: Entered into a raffle to win two passes a film festival TBD

25+ Visits: Your own customized “I Survived Drafthouse of Horrors 2017” t-shirt and featured in our DoH 2017 recap

For the full DoH schedule, click here. But I wanted to take some time and highlight a few things I’m really excited about:

Don’t Look Now (1973, Nicolas Roeg) in 35mm, Oct. 3


Ultimately a story about grief, Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie play a couple who have recently lost their daughter. On a trip to Italy, a woman claiming to be a psychic tells them she has seen their daughter. I have never seen this in hopes that one day I’d be able to see it on the the big screen. Thank you, DoH!

Society (1989, Brian Yuzna), Oct. 5


Life isn’t all it seems. Especially when you live in a seemingly perfect community. With the genius of Screaming Mad George, Society is a practical effects masterpiece. We’ve talked about it several times on the show, but I cannot urge you enough to see this movie.

The Driller Killer (1979, Abel Ferrara), Oct. 20


Art is torture, and so is the summer sun. Directed by and starring Abel Ferrara, The Driller Killer is a.) a hot (as in temperature) movie and, b.) exactly what you’d expect it to be. There’s no spoiling anything with a title like this, so you know what you’re in for. And if you’ve never seen a Ferrara movie, you may as well dive right in with this one.

The Thing 35th Anniversary (1982, John Carpenter), Oct. 30


Ultimately a box office flop, Carpenter’s masterpiece will go down as a defining film of the genre. During our 10/35 episode The Thing ended up on two out of three of our top fives. If you’ve never seen one the greatest horror movies of all time, I suggest your first time be on the big screen.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982, Tommy Lee Wallace) in 35mm, Oct. 31


I might go so far to say that this is the most underrated/under-appreciated sequel of all time. Tom Atkins commands your attention every single time he’s on screen. The relationship between he and Stacey Nelkin’s character is one of my favorite on-screen romances. The masks are iconic. The effects are spectacular. I could go on and on (and I will in October), but Season of the Witch is in the top three Halloween (season) movies, and there is no better movie to see at a theater on Halloween than this. If I were to do a 15/35, Halloween III: Season of the Witch would surely be in there.

So there you have it. I’m so thrilled to get to be a part of Drafthouse of Horrors again this year, and I cannot wait to cram in as many movies as possible this October with my Omaha horror family.

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