[Show Notes] #81 The Basement Scores

My son turned five years old this past weekend so we decided to change things up a little bit for this week’s episode. I’m a musician at heart and love several types of music. As a child, the first thing that I remember really grabbing my attention in movies is the music.  Earliest memories of movie music include Leigh Harline and Paul J. Smith’s score for Pinocchio and John Williams’ score for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I’d been wanting to do an all-music episode for a while now, and we have one planned for October, but I thought this would be the perfect time to do a short one. As always, click the image to head on over to Amazon and buy the score and support the show!

The Basement Scores

Beetlejuice – Main Titles (1988, Dir. Tim Burton, Comp. Danny Elfman)


The Boy – The Boy Main Title (2016, Dir. William Brent Bell, Comp. Bear McCreary)


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers – Jaime’s Escape (1995, Dir. Joe Chappelle, Comp. Alan Howarth)


Opera – Crows (1987, Dir. Dario Argento, Comp. Claudio Simonetti)


City of the Living Dead – Mystery’s Apotheosis (1980, Dir. Lucio Fulci, Comp. Fabio Frizzi)


Cannibal Ferox – NYC Main Title (1981, Dir. Umberto Lenzi, Comp. Roberto Donati)


Twin Peaks – Audrey’s Dance (1990, Dir. David Lynch, Comp. Angelo Badalamenti)


The Innkeepers – Suite From The Innkeepers (2011, Dir. Ti West, Comp. Jeff Grace)


Classic Themes Redux – Escape From New York (2016, Comp. John Carpenter)


Resident Evil: Extinction – Alice Ride (2007, Dir. Paul W. S. Anderson, Comp. Charlie Clouser)



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