[Show Notes] #82 Movies of the Season: Halloween III Season of the Witch

As you know, we’re partnering with the fine folks at Alamo Drafthouse Omaha again this year to bring you Drafthouse of Horrors 2017. It’s been nearly a year now since I got to meet the Creative Manager of Alamo Omaha, Derek Dillon, and since that first meeting we’ve gotten to know each other more. I’m not going to ramble on too much about him here because the above link already comes off like a creepy love letter to him. Suffice to say, we like Derek and what he’s done for Omaha’s film community.

My picture-taking ability suffered at the hands of Miller High Life this week.

We ushered in the fast-approaching month of horrors by talking about some of the movies that really put in the Halloween spirit. Before that, though, Derek filled us in on some fun details about this year’s DoH, including where some of these film prints are coming from (Richard Stanley’s personal collection in Spain!), and details about the cut of Tenebrae that will be screened. He also spills the beans on a couple surprise guests coming later this year and next year! We follow that up with the movies we’ve seen in the past week, we check out new releases coming from Vinegar Syndrome and Scream Factory, and we wrap things up with Derek and I trying our damnedest to convince Kevin that Halloween III: Season of the Witch is, in fact, a great movie. You’ll have to listen in to see if we succeeded in our mission. Below is a list of all the movies we talked about, and as alway, if you want to purchase one of these, simply click on the image and purchase it directly from that Amazon link. You get a movie and we get a little change. Thanks for listening!

Recently Watched

mother! (2017, Darren Aronofsky)


Q The Winged Serpent (1982, Larry Cohen)


Out of Print (2014, Julia Marchese)


The Shape of Water (2017, Guillermo del Toro)


It Comes At Night (2017, Trey Edward Shults)


47 Meters Down (2017, Johannes Roberts)


New Releases

Pyschos In Love (1987, Gorman Bechard, Vinegar Syndrome)


Orgy of the Dead (1965, Stephen C. Apostolof, Vinegar Syndrome)


Trip With the Teacher (1975, Earl Barton, Vinegar Syndrome)


Flatliners Steelbook Special Edition (1990, John Schumacher, Mill Creek)


The Dead Next Door (1989, J.R. Bookwalter, Tempe Digital)


A Quiet Place In the Country (1968, Ello Petri, Scream Factory)


After Midnight (1989, Jim & Ken Wheat, Scream Factory)


Movies of the Season

As horror fans we watch scary movies all year long. No matter the season, we’ll always put something spooky on. But when October hits, we tend to look to movies that really enhance the flavor, if you will, of the season. This week we talked about some of our favorite movies of the season that really put us in the Halloween spirit.

Hocus Pocus (1993, Kenny Ortega), Kevin & Anthony


A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987, Chuck Russell), Derek


The Innkeepers (2011, Ti West), Anthony


Halloween II (1981, Rick Rosenthal), Derek


Halloween (1978, John Carpenter), Kevin


The American Scream (2012, Michael Paul Stephenson), Anthony


The Mummy (1932, Karl Freund), Derek


A Nightmare Before Christmas (1993, Henry Selick), Kevin


The Houses October Built (2014, Bobby Roe), Anthony


The Thing (1982, John Carpenter), Derek


Trick ‘r Treat (2007, Michael Daugherty), Kevin


Phantasm (1979, Don Coscarelli), Anthony


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, Jim Sharman), Kevin


The Tingler (1959, William Castle), Derek


The Omen (1976, Richard Donner), Derek


Feature Presentation

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982, Tommy Lee Wallace)


The Halloween season is upon us, and Tom Atkins will be our tour guide. After a man is murdered in a hospital, Dr. Dan Challis puts on his detective hat and stops at nothing to get to the bottom of this mystery. With the help of the victim’s daughter Dr. Dan continues his investigation in the small town of Santa Mira, CA – home of Silver Shamrock Novelties – creators of the hottest-selling mask this Halloween season. Seemingly behind all of this is Conal Cochran, owner of Silver Shamrock. From Dr. Dan bagging a woman 25 years his junior whom he met three days prior, to masks that turn children’s heads into bugs and snakes, Halloween truly is the season of the witch. Can Tom Atkins’ mustache save him – and the world – this time? Can Cochran please explain the thing about Stone Henge again? And most importantly: “8 more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…”

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