Killer Instinct; Interview with Lucy Roxia 

This week I had a chat with Lucy “Furr” Roxia. Lucy is a clown-loving, straight jacket-wearing, spaghetti-eating, drag performer who hails from Lincoln, Nebraska. She has a show coming up on Friday the 13th at The Alley, info below. We had ourselves a little ghoul talk about our horror crushes, and got sidetracked by my love of the House of Wax remake.

Let’s start with little Lucy Furr, were you into creepy stuff as a kid?

I actually was the biggest baby as a kid, I didn’t start to like horror until I was in high school. It wasn’t until I started struggling with my identity that I started to relate and fall in love with it.

What was the first horror movie you remember watching as a kid?

Now, I wouldn’t really call it a horror movie, but Scream. I was so scared of Scream as a kid too, now it’s one that I laugh at.

 What was the first horror movie or character that made you fall in love with the genre? 

 I fell in love with horror the first time I saw the IT miniseries. Ever since, I have been obsessed with clowns.

Well speaking of IT and clowns, who wore it better.. Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgard? 

Ummm Skarsgard has this weird, almost childlike quality to him which I adore, but Tim Curry’s rasp… can I have Bill with Tim’s voice? Lol.

You’re right on about Bill, he’s like… adorable!

Right! But it’s still so very creepy.

I suppose while we are talking about adorable creeps it’s a good time for this question.. Between us ghouls.. Who are your horror crushes? Mine would have to be skeet Ulrich and Mathew Lillard in Scream. I could be the filling in their murderous teen sandwich!

Bill Skarsgard is daddy!!! But, like, at the same time Patrick Wilson from the Conjuring series, but the joke is,  I’m a lesbian.

Well, pick you a scream queen too!

ELISHA CUTHBERT FROM HOUSE OF WAX! I’m not sure how I forgot her.

Okay, I think now might be the moment in the interview where we spazz out and talk about how much I love the House of Wax remake…

*edited for length, but this exchange went on for a while, we talked about Paris Hilton’s impalement, getting your Achilles tendon sliced, and freshly dipped human wax figures.. Seriously guys, I love this crapfest of a remake and watch it a few times a year and still scream everytime he gets his heel sliced*

Okay, let me get this interview back on track… Let’s talk about Drag! When was your first performance and what song did you lipsync?

 Umm… actually, my 4 year mark is October 18th! It was at a friend’s birthday party, but my first gig in a bar was like November 5th that same year I think? I did “Special” from Avenue Q and “Peanut Butter” by Rupaul… trust and believe,  it was not cute.

What was your first spook look? 

I actually have a picture! Let me find it really fast…

Those are from the same night, it was an anti-bullying benefit show, it was 3 years ago yesterday. That’s the same straight jacket I use today, granted it is a little (a lot) bloodier now!

Do you have any looks you are working on now that you could share, or any future looks you want to do?

Umm.. for the upcoming show, assuming everything works out and comes together correctly, I am working on a Jeffrey Dahmer victim look.  I’m also putting together a demented tree look for the Alley’s show “Creatures of the Dark Forest” that’s happening on Halloween. Both involve crazy prosthetics.

Are you self taught when it comes to effects makeup? 

About 50/50, it was part of my major at Creighton, and I worked in a haunted house for a couple seasons, but a lot of what I do is figuring it out. I learned the basics in school and have since just ran with them. Girl, YouTube and trial and error are great teachers.

So.. Before we end this interview, I know we are both big fans of Our Lady Of Filth, Divine.. Who is your favorite Divine Character? 

Easy! Divine in Pink Flamingos! I have actually done an impersonation of her where I eat dog shit on stage. (Off the record,  it’s actually mushed up cosmic brownies without the sprinkles)

Now, I know that you aren’t a gal who is afraid to eat, have you eaten other things on stage? 

Omg, have I.

Wanna share your top 3?

For the seven deadly sins show, I ate an entire large pizza with a cup of ranch to drink in under 6 minutes (at a later show/eating competition,  I did a medium pizza in 3 minutes while twerking).  I do a remix of Eminems “Lose Yourself” called “Mom’s Spaghetti” ( just incase you too wanna lose yourself in mom’s spaghetti) where I eat a gallon bag of cooked spaghetti while drinking out of a freshly opened marinara jar. But my most infamous food number is where I do the splits and drop my pussy on a cake, then cry over it (it gets real messy).

Well girl, this has been a great chat, but before I go… Do you have any gigs to plug for the month of October? 

Ohh basically every weekend I’m in 2-3 lol. Of course my show in Omaha, I’m judging and performing for Omaha Drag Wars on the 19th, I’m competing for Miss Fire and Brimstone on the 21st at the Alley, the final Saturday of the month is The Real Housewives of Lancaster County which is our house show with special guest Tharin Crase!! Sooo many, but those are the huge ones.

Any final words? 

Fuck Trump, get Equality ITMFA!

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