[Show Notes] #84 Pre-Millennium Haunted Houses: The Changeling

I’m grateful for the people I’ve met while doing this show. And I’ve met some remarkably creative people that have inspired me to get out there and just create. Doug Kabourek is one of those people.

Doug Kabourek

Back in April Doug texted me to tell me he was undertaking a big project. Turns out he was building a haunted house in his basement. Like, a real haunted house that people would walk through. Like he said on the show, it just started with one wall, and then he just kept going. With backstory and all, Thriller Retro Haunted House will be open one night only – Halloween night from 6-9pm – for the kid in all of us.

We premier the theme song to Thriller, Doug and Kevin bring 10-Word Trailer Reviews back with a bang, we each list of five of our favorite haunted house movies of the 20th century, and we dig into our feature presentation – The Changeling. As always, click the images to head to Amazon and buy the movies to support The Basement!

Recently Watched

Eden Lake (2008, James Watkins)


Dracula (1931, Tod Browning)


Cult of Chucky (2017, Don Mancini)


Don’t Look Now (1973, Nicolas Roeg)


Burial Ground (1981, Andrea Bianchi)


The Wolf Man (1941, George Waggner)


Dawn of the Dead (1978, George A. Romero)


Pre-Millennium Haunted Houses

House (1977, Nobuhiko Ôbayashi)


The Haunted (1991, Robert Mandel)


House On Haunted Hill (1999, William Malone)


Ghostwatch (1992, Lesley Manning)


The Amityville Horror (1979, Stuart Rosenberg)


The Frighteners (1996, Peter Jackson)


And Now the Screaming Starts (1973, Roy Ward Baker)


Poltergeist (1982, Tobe Hooper)


Don’t Go To Sleep (1982, Richard Lang)


The Shining (1980, Stanley Kubrick)


Beetlejuice (1988, Tim Burton)


Night of the Demons (1988, Kevin Tenney)


Twice Dead (1988, Bert L. Dragin)


Stir of Echoes (1999, David Koepp)


Feature Presentation

The Changeling (1980, Peter Medak)


From a Hungarian-born director comes a tale based on a house in Colorado, filmed in Canada, and set in Seattle. After losing his wife and young daughter in a horrific accident, composer John Russell moves cross country to reset his life. Looking for a house to rent into which he can seclude himself to compose and grieve, John meets the gold standard in realtors, Claire, who has set him up in a turn-of-the-century mansion. After getting settled, John starts to experience things that would force any normal human out of their living quarters such as hearing loud banging at the same time each day, whispers, and let’s not forget the blocked-off attic that contains a terrifying child’s wheelchair. Setting aside his life’s work – composing music – John turns to paranormal investigation and detective work, seeking answers to his most pressing questions, and traveling down paths that lead nowhere else but to the truth about a Senator’s upbringing. So remember, whatever you do, don’t go into the attic.

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