Letter From the Editor – October, 2017

My five-year-old son is really into playing dress-up these days. Going through his closet I see a Power Rangers costume (Blue Ranger, of course), a pirate costume, a farmer costume, a ninja turtle costume (he likes Raphael for some reason), and the latest addition, Cat Boy from a newly discovered show called PJ Masks. I’m telling you this because from now until the end of the year, I believe it’s important to embrace the little kid inside all of us. I look through my son’s costumes and think, “Dammit, I want a costume. I want to play dress up and disappear into a world of imagination.” Luckily, I get to stay home with him every day and do that (I should actually do it more often). We have Halloween followed by Thanksgiving followed by Christmas. Go trick-or-treating, watch the parade, tear open your presents like you did when you were five. We don’t have to be adults every minute of every day, you guys.

The month we’ve all been waiting for is upon. I’m 12 days late in getting this letter up, but I’ve been busy putting the final touches on my yard and watching movies. Speaking of movies, Trey, Elliot, and I are in the throws of our #31DaysOfHorror. I don’t know how well those guys are keeping up, but for the first time since doing a 31 Days I have yet to miss a day. Plus, I’ve seen some remarkable stuff for the first time I’d been saving for this month such as Don’t Look Now, The Wolf Man, and (yes) Burial Ground. Are you doing a list this year? What have you been watching to get into the Halloween spirit?

Another exciting piece of news is that we have a new columnist on the site. Izzy got in touch with Rat through Instagram (God bless social media) and expressed interest in writing reviews of fairly obscure stuff. Izzy sent over a sample review and I loved it. The best news is that he’s a high school student which tells me that there is hope for future generations! Make sure to follow along with his new column: Repulsive Reviews.

We just had our buddy Doug in The Basement this week for the podcast to tell us about his “midlife crisis” (his words, not mine) – he built a fucking haunted house in his basement, and is now my idol. Listen to that show here. Coming up next week Haunted Gauntlet returns to talk about gateway horror, followed by a special episode where Rob and I will be handing out fake awards to horror films of the 80s Oscars style, and we wrap up the month by having the boys from OK Party Comedy come back for our Halloween episode.

Thanks for listening and reading, and Happy Halloween!

Anthony King

Editor-In-Chief, Podcast Host

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