31 Days of Streaming

With AMC FearFest taking a major dump this year by only programming for one week’s worth of frights, I’m reassured that we made the right decision on cutting the cord four years ago. On top of that, add in all the streaming options we have. I agree it’s too much (browsing the shelves at the video store in the past seemed so much easier), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t great stuff to be seen out on the information super highway. Below is a list of six movies from my #31DaysOfHorror list that are currently streaming.

The Blob (1988, Chuck Russell)


I have many movie shames (aka blindspots) in my life as a cinephile. Russell’s remake of the 1958 drive-in classic is one of those. With great-looking effects from Tony Gardner and a cameo by Bill Moseley, I can’t wait to watch this for the first. Stream it on Hulu.

Burial Ground (1981, Andrea Bianchi)


I wrote about it on my list, Elliot reviewed it, and I talked about it on this week’s show. There’s not much else that can be said except… PLEASE WATCH THIS! Stream it on Shudder.

The Return of the Living Dead (1985, Dan O’Bannon)


I got to clear this off my movie shames list around this time last year which means it will forever be related to the Halloween season for me. Tony Gardner makes a second appearance on this list for creating the iconic zombie torso. Clu Gullager delivers one of the all-time great genre performances. Linnea Quigley gets naked (what’s new?). There are so many good things about this that you just need to see it for yourself. Now streaming with ads on Vudu.

Suspiria (1977, Dario Argento)


I’ll be seeing this in 4k glory this weekend, but for those of you not lucky enough to experience heaven, you can catch it on the small screen. Argento proves his genius with one of the most beautiful films of all time. Dancing, witches, reds, and blues. Now streaming on TubiTV.

Tales of Halloween (2015, various)


The next best thing if you can’t see Trick ‘r Treat this year. But if you can, hell, watch both! Adrienne Barbeau narrates this great modern anthology that celebrates our favorite holiday featuring great segments by Mike Mendez, Dave Parker, McKee and tons of others. It’s well worth your time. Streaming on Netflix.

Twins of Evil (1971, John Hough)


This classic Hammer film starring Peter Cushing opened this year’s Drafthouse of Horrors. I was unable to make it, but luckily Amazon is streaming it right now. I really do love the old Hammer films with their cheese, amazing sets, and star power. Currently streaming on TubiTV.

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