[Show Notes] #86 TBOaH Horror Awards (80s Edition)

We’re changing things up this week after our three-hour marathon last week. We cut the runtime down to an hour, and we’ve abandoned the normal format. (Don’t worry, things go back to normal next week!) Rob Brun and Sara Cartwright are back for the first ever TBOaH Horror Awards. Rob and I had this idea a few months back about doing a fake awards show in the vein of The Oscars or The Saturn Awards. So we did it!

Since this will be the first of several, we settled on celebrating the decade many consider the golden age of horror – the 1980s. We picked 13 categories ranging from Best Actor in a Supporting role to Best Kill, and threw in a Lifetime Achievement Awards for shits and giggles. Rob and I reconvened after settling on categories, and came up with six nominees for each category. We then created ballots and sent them out to 30 people. Remarkably, we had 29 come back. So a hearty thanks goes out to The Academy of Basement Voters. They will be tapped once more in a couple months when we do this again with the 90s!

Below are all the nominees. But you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out who came out victorious.

14Best Picture

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