Schlock & Gore: Terror at Blood Fart Lake (2009)

The Basement on a Hill has returned and I’m more excited than ever to share soggy piles of hot garbage with you! So put down the popcorn and grab some sour worms so we can get right to it with a colorful title tailored directly to my sensibilities. From the director of such films as Moist Fury, Quest for the Egg Salad, and SexSquatch comes Terror at Blood Fart Lake.

You know this old bean. An unlikely group of friends (one of whom is a fictional version of Fright Rags owner Ben Scrivens for some reason) travel to a friend’s house at Blood Fart Lake despite warnings from local yokel Dirty Leo.

Here he is now, with cum in his mustache!

Upon arriving, they aren’t met by their friend Hambone, but rather by weird caretaker Caspian, a semi-effeminate, Ernest loving, sex-crazed goober.

Now before we go any further, I’d like to point out that both Leo and Caspian are portrayed by the same actor, Josh Suire, who single-handedly made the film for me. Nearly everything uttered by Leo/Caspian was hilarious gold.

The film’s cast also boasts genre player Nicola Fiore from such titles as Slaughter Daughter, Night of Something Strange, Ms Cannibal Holocaust, Sociopathia, and Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2 (still waiting to receive my kickstarter rewards, Lloyd.)

Here she is now, with some loser!

With all the characters assembled, and loads of weirdass dialogue out of the way, the killing can begin!

Is… is that corn?

Oh of course it’s corn because the killer at this lake is a scarecrow for some reason. Well that’s just fine.


Unsurprisingly, Blood Fart plays like a Troma film. In both the good ways and the bad. The characters are exaggerated stereotypes and we are never given reprieve from a potential fart or dick joke. (take a drink each time someone farts!) This results in equal parts laughing and cringing. And while neither the Toxic Avenger nor Sgt. Kabukiman could be bothered to make an appearance, the spirit is there.


The acting is all over the place. Usually bad, which is completely appropriate for this sort of fare. If that doesn’t bother you, I think you’d have a good time with Blood Fart. Blood fart is, by-the-way, what I will be calling rude, shitty little children from now on.

Listen here you little blood fart!

And the best thing about Terror at Blood Fart Lake??? It has a sequel!


I recommend Terror at Blood Fart Lake to anyone who suspects they’d like something called Terror at Blood Fart Lake. It is currently streaming via Amazon Prime.


Stay slime, and be rad at all times!


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