Interview: Stephen Biro

Stephen Biro has his fingers in many pies, as the man behind Unearthed Films and the director of the American Guinea Pig series. He’s outspoken, no nonsense, extreme, and he doesn’t really give a fuck what you think. His new film, Song of Solomon, is making the rounds, impressing both critics and fans while leaving the unapologetic devastation of a plague in its wake. Stephen is a busy man, so it was nice of him to carve out a little time for us.

Can you remember the first horror film you ever saw?

I was 5 years old. It was probably something with Peter Cushing. I’m a fan of his.

What is your goal with the American Guinea Pig series?

To fuck people up and take the original Guinea Pig series to new heights here in America. Plus, I’m trying to make a living here, so… yeah.


I think my first experience with a film in Unearthed’s catalog was Lucifer Valentine’s Vomit Gore trilogy, which kind of set the expectation for me that anything was possible under your label. What is it that draws you to extreme and exploitation film?

Friday the 13th was always sort of a bore for me. So was Halloween. Freddy was cool, but I remember watching Andy Warhol’s Flesh for Frankenstein at 12-years-old and then I saw Evil Dead a couple days later. And then that was it. That’s where my extreme side comes from. All I could imagine was making the films 10x more extreme.


I’m pretty excited to see what you’ve created with Song of Solomon. What are you hoping people get out of it?

Faith, belief, the reality of spirituality and the knowledge the Devil is real and exorcism films need to be exciting and hardcore again.


With the religious themes explored in American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon, I wonder…What role does religion play in your life?

First off, we’re taking the “American Guinea Pig” out of the Song of Solomon from the title only, because we may be able to get it into the mainstream with alternate cover art. If we can accomplish this, the film will be accessible to many. Religion doesn’t play a role in my life, but my belief and faith in God is with me everyday. I know it may sound absurd that I’m a Christian doing the things I do. But, being in the horror industry is not against God, faith, or even Christianity. If you’re curious about my faith, pick up my book, HELLUCINATION.


Do you think psychedelics or hallucinogens are necessary to thin the veil for a true spiritual experience?

It helps. Yes and no. There can be many different paths to the Lord. Hopefully, they all end with the same destination.

What’s the last horror film you watched? Do you recommend it?

I watched edits on the Song of Solomon with another filmmaker. It blew his mind (luckily for me.) Of course I highly recommend. LOL

What are you currently working on, or looking to tackle next?

To Become Unholy with director, Jason Koch. We worked together on the screenplay based off of one of my stories that is near and dear to my heart. It’s being filmed now. More news on that should be coming soon.

Did you know that your name is an anagram of Bone Hipster? I’d like you to tell me that this is not a coincidence.

My parents could see into the future and they knew hipsters would be a thing, so yes. Totally on purpose. LOL

It’s also an anagram of Bee Shit Porn.

Of course it is.

You also write books! Admittedly I have yet to read them. Are they horror novels?

They’re horrific religious tomes that are mind-bending and eye-opening.

You don’t seem to be one to pull punches. What do you say to your detractors?

Pull up your pants, stop being pussy and watch more extreme horror.


Anything else you’d like to add?

Go to and pick up some cheap ass Unearthed Films shit because we’re blowing it out the door. Everything’s 50% off or cheaper and you get free crap if you buy more than $40 worth!


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