Review of Nick Cutter’s ‘Little Heaven’

lil heaven beer
Dammit, when can I start reviewing horror beers?

lil heaven

Cutter’s 2017 release, Little Heaven, has no problem taking its time. Cutter is deliberate in his language, making sure the reader feels every one of this nearly 500 page novel for better or worse. His flourishes are often poetic and repulsive, which makes what-the-fuck lines like “his heart bippity-bapped in his chest” extremely fucking off-putting- especially when he uses that shit line TWICE.


His characters are ALL tropes, we already know all these people: eye-patched ex-militant who “stays cool in the cut”.. Greenhorn lady bounty hunter with a rage factor, nothing to prove, everything to lose.. borderline sociopathic Afro-Anglo hitman (alright there’s some nuance there at least).

The titular cult is a Market Pantry version of Jonestown, right down to Pastor Flesher using sermons lifted from Daddy Jim himself (as Cutter cops to in the acknowledgments). But hey. There is a really creepy-ass demon co-op.

There’s a chubby Jack Skelington looking flautist that steals children, ferocious microwaved bundles of zombified forest friends, and a big ole’ grub demon that lives inside.. I won’t spoil it. Fun stuff though!

There’s something here, inside of these bones, oh it’s butter! Yay butter!!!

Pet Peeve: I hate it when I have to keep track of who has which gun/ where which guns were dropped- ESPECIALLY when these weapons do little to nothing against the supernatural. I hate that the protagonists are all gunmen of varying skills- seems… I don’t care about juvenile, but lazy. Seems lazy.

So in short, just read up on Jonestown or listen to The Last Podcast on the Left series about it (because holy shit) or look into some demon poetry. Unless you’re a heavily allied Cutter fanatic or you just want something spooky and long to get you through an arduous car ride, maybe skip this one.


SO many people died. And one monkey. 

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