Interview: Imaginarium Delirium, Jayce Wierzbicki!

The world of Imaginarium Delirium is a colorful one. The gatekeeper and creator of that world is self-taught artist, Jayce Wierzbicki. Through Imaginarium Delirium he makes paintings, sculptures, and most importantly, masks.  His masks (often containing an element that lights up, or a moving jaw) are pieces of art in and of themselves. From TV-headed monsters to xenomorphs to Krang, if it’s in any way gruesome, you can bet he’ll tackle it. I’d like to give my thanks to the artist himself for this interview.

First of all, it appears we have the same sensibilities. I’m in love with horror, lowbrow art, and professional wrestling. How close am I?

So close were touching tips!

It seems to me that horror plays a big part in terms of inspiring your art. What’s the first horror movie you remember seeing, and what turned you on to the righteous path?

The first horror movie I remember seeing is A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors when i was around 9.  I fell in love with the bad-ass special effects in this movie, as well as Return of the Living Dead. Just the gruesomeness and kinda campiness of them both ignited the fire. There is nothing better than practical effects, CGI can fuck off. I was at least smart enough back then to know someone created these scenes for these movies,  and it was just too cool to me that people can create such awesomeness. I needed to see more and down the rabbit hole I went.

Your Instagram page looks a wicked bat regurgitated 90’s dayglo painted action figures onto the necromonicon which caused the summoning of some sorta slime-sucking punk rock demiurge. Care to comment?

Ohhh yeah! Me and my action figures summon punk rock demidemons on the reg. Its a fun little Sunday ritual, all of them naturally kick ass at playing music so its almost like having a tiny Woodstock or should i say Witchstock in my studio lol!

How did you get into mask-making? Conversely, what are you hiding under there?

It all started when i tripped over an old gypsy women in downtown Dallas at 3 am one drunken night, she gurgled at me “thy shalt not be beautiful anymore, every mirror will be your tomb and every reflection your dagger of death!”  I just laughed and said “Sorry for tripping on you, have a good night!”  The next day I woke up and started to brush my teeth and, well, I looked like Oderus Urungus shit on an aborted pig baby smothered in honey and rotten banana peels. Needless to say,  I need to cover this, hence, the mask making began.

How long have been operating under your Imaginarium Delirium brand?

 I started out in 2013 just drawing under my name (imagine that), but once i really got into creating art, I felt it was too boring. So I fell asleep thinking about it and woke up saying “Imaginarium Delirium”.  It just rolls off the snake’s tongue so easily, and the meaning of the words basically reflects my art, so that’s cool too.

You are self taught? What was that process like? Are you using a lot of the same materials now that you used in the beginning? What are those materials? Your creations look otherworldly!

Someone asked me to make a mask after I made @lowbrowunibrow (on Instagram) a pukey face mask. So I searched cosplay prop making, read a little bit about spray foam, and I decided to fight that bitch with my broad sword. It took a couple of months to figure out. Many nights of sticky hands and endless amounts of time trying to figure out the timing of spray foam. You have certain magic windows you must go through in order to create the perfect face of monstrosities. I Never had time to practice sculpting clay and molding and laying latex or silicone because I had a 9-to-5 job, so once I figured out the magic or spray foam I just went full tilt boogie and kept getting better and better at the craft.  I basically use a lot of random shit. Anything I can refurbish or reuse, like sticks for teeth, bath bomb molds for eyes, and thrift finds for anything else I need.

How do you decide what your next mask is going to be? Is it largely based on commission requests, or does someone say something like “castle of scabs” in passing, but you just can’t shake the image and decide to build it?

I decide which characters to make masks for by intuition and definitely Commissions. I’ll watch something, or yes, “scabby mcscab scab scab” in passing, or certain things just jump at me and I have to see if I can recreate it with me own bare hands!!

Speaking of, can you quote me a price for a Reel Rat mask?

 $200 plus shipping and I guarantee it’ll be the best thing you ever bought.

What other forms of art do you practice?

 I also conjure up 3D paintings, cast spells on canvas, and makesome movie prop recreations like hobo toilet dude from Street Trash.

Did you know that Imaginarium Delirium is an anagram of “Drummer Giuliani Amii”, which is of course the drummer for the King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard cover band I just made up, Toad Holster & The Poster Rollers?

You say you just came up with theses bands, but during our Sunday rituals I’ve heard these bands existed many eons ago. Yeah that’s a badass drummer, but be careful saying his name 3 times or you’ll get butt-raped in your sleep by a 3-dicked demon name Steve (Don’t ask how i know).

What are you trying to accomplish? What is your ultimate goal?

Basically just to share my art and abilities with the world.  Don’t know where it’s going to take me and that’s a big part of the excitement.  I quit my day job in May of 2017. Some months are tough and tight, but others are amazing and I’m just really grateful I can do this full time now because my level of expertise has grown soooo much.  One day my art will lead me to meeting amazing entities and some grand adventures.

Critters or Gremlins?

Critters def. I jam the song Power of the Night almost every day, Haha!


And finally, list your favorites!

Dinosaur: Tyrannosauruswolf.
Pizza: Chicken Caesar pizza from Mellow Mushroom
Beer: Don’t drink it!
Substance in general: LOTS OF WEEEEEED!
Horror movie: IT miniseries if that counts. Or Nightbreed. way too many to mention though, haha.
Comedy: Dead Alive
Artist: Salvador Dali and Clive Barker, Tom Savini, Chet Zar, and Mexican pulp art, which is very hard to find artist names–just google it.
Element on the periodic table: GOOOOOLD

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Imagination equals destination.

DM @imaginarium_delirium333 on Instagram.

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