Schlock & Gore: The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

directed by Jim Wynorski runtime: 88 glorious mins MVD Rewind Collection spine #5 DISCLAIMER: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS NERDY AND INAPPROPRIATE SHIT. From director Jim Wynorski, Heather Locklear’s Boobs AKA The Return of Swamp Thing I saw Avengers: Infinity War against my better judgement. I knew I was done with the modern superhero yarn and I … More Schlock & Gore: The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

Review of Tom Sweterlitsch’s ‘The Gone World’

Time travel stuff is annoying as shit. There’s all this world-building and rule-setting that has to be  done before you get into the actual characters and story. So when I opened up Sweterlitsch’s 388 page novel, that’s what I expected. That’s not what I found. Sweterlitsch wants his audience to be overwhelmed at first, to … More Review of Tom Sweterlitsch’s ‘The Gone World’

Review of Marian Engels’ ‘Bear’ (1976)

A Review of Marian Engel’s ‘Bear’ (1976) If you have heard about Engels’ Canadian fringe flagship, ‘Bear’, there’s only one reason why, and we’ll get to the part in the spoiler zone below. For now, lemme beat around this bush, because frankly, there’s much bush to beat around. This is a lively honey-spurt of a … More Review of Marian Engels’ ‘Bear’ (1976)


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