The Updates on a Hill

As we are nearing the end of the first quarter of The site’s resurrection, I thought it would be nice to offer a little update to our readers and supporters.
We have had thousands of unique visitors and views in the last 3.5 months, which is outstanding! I am personally impressed with all this little site has managed to accomplish in our short time back. This includes…
The addition of new contributors ethanmitchell329, Rob Humphrey and The Night Manager. Their movie review contributions, along with the horror lit contributions of keepkeepingmesane keep this site from being a one-note band. Going forward we are looking for more contributors, and not just reviewers but hopefully essayists and news posters as well!
The partnership struck with Jason MR. EVIL Covelli has also been a surprising and blessed thing! He has been creating wicked designs for us, and has been paramount during this initial phase of rebranding. His designs on shirts available at Fleabag Tees have helped our reach grow beyond what would otherwise be possible. Give him a follow at @jasonevilcovelli on Instagram, and shop The Basement on a Hill logo, Schlock & Gore, and ReelRat shirts at Fleabag Tees
A big thanks should be given to the distributors that have placed faith in us to review their releases. Thanks to the MVD Entertainment Group, Wild Eye Releasing, Dread Central Presents, Epic Pictures, and Toxic Filth Video.
Going forward we will be trying a few new things. Readers may notice an influx of Bigfoot related content for the month of July. That’s because the dear old Sasquatch will be our theme! (There will still be plenty of content that is unrelated to any form of backwoods yeti if that’s not your thing) Future themes could range from “Shark” to “Darkness,” but we’ll see how July goes first.
If you happen to be an avid reader, we ask that you make yourself known! Post comments and get involved! ReelRat is The editor and can be reached at – feel free to email thoughts, suggestions, screener links, hate mail, anything!
We are very excited to continue to grow and share great horror and schlock weirdness with you several times a week from now until forever. Thanks for reading.

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