The Merits of Sin: Feeding Billy (1997) (USA)

Oh Uncle Buck, what a rascal! Family secrets end up biting an unsuspecting group of party seeking young folks in their collective behinds as this late nineties SOV piece of crap unfolds.

Wrong Buck

Twenty years ago, a grieving Buck is confronted by a guilt born hallucination at his wife’s funeral. His beloved’s corpse pops on out of the coffin and starts blaming him for her untimely death during childbirth. We’ll come to find out that this finger pointing specter is right to be pissed off at her sad sack husband. The child supposedly died along with his mother, at least that’s how Buck tells it. Well, Buck is full of shit and is keeping his deformed son hidden in his secluded cabin. The guilt gnawing it’s way through Buck’s broken heart is because he enlisted the help of a shady ass doctor to help his wife conceive and, as luck would have it, this doctor is part of a Lucifer worshipping cult looking to bring about the rebirth of their lord and master. Buck’s wife proved to be the perfect incubator for the being that will help deliver the dark lord unto this world. Mind you, this all plays out through flashback with the combined budget of twenty bucks in store credit at a Halloween shop and a couple tall boys of PBR.

Young Bucks

After Uncle Buck passes away (suspiciously breaking his neck in a hunting accident) his nephew takes a group of friends with him to his newly inherited cabin for a weekend of beer, fun and bewbs. It doesn’t take long for his ugly ass cousin to begin picking off the group of beer slugging dudes and dudettes.

Right Buck

Standard slasher flick structure is seasoned with some ambition in its whole demonic cult sprinklings, foolishly tackled with an eighth of the budget necessary. Luckily, this foolishness is bred from a bunch of wannabe filmmakers and horror lover’s setting out to show their love. It’s hard not to be charmed by anyone coming from a place of genuine excitement for what they’re doing, even if what they’re doing is predictable and poorly made. The violence is minimal and the special effects range from mannequin abuse to Halloween mask costuming but I will take that any day over watching a computer generated car turn into a computer generated robot talking to Shia LaBeouf. I won’t even mention the acting but if you’re coming to a movie of this vintage in search of “performances” then I just feel sorry for you. Camcorder night for night filming leads to a bit of squinting and the end credits are put over a blooper reel. It’s crap but it’s my kind of crap and there’s nothing wrong with loving it. 5/10

If you are interested in getting your hands on copy, wander on over to Toxic Filth Video and buy as much of their releases as your bank account allows. A fantastic purveyor of trashy weirdness .

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