The Merits of Sin: La Muerte del Chacal aka The Death of the Jackal (Mexico) (1984)

I have no issue with the absence of subtitles and a minimal (most times nonexistent) understanding of the language being used in a film. Now, I also comprehend the fact that I am a weirdo and the majority of the film viewing public has no interest in making their way through a film and being lost for the majority of it. As someone who hunts down these bizarre flicks, the odds are not usually in my favor when it comes to subtitles. Sometimes I get lucky and the story told through the visuals is easy enough to follow, sometimes I’m wandering around an abyss of confusing images and just have to ride the ignorance train I purchased a ticket for. Most times, the experience is insanely rewarding and I’m far better off for just jumping in. La Muerte del Chacal is in Spanish with no subtitles and I still love the hell out of it.

Viewing Party

Sheriff Bob has a hell of a problem. Strippers and prostitutes (along with a couple fellas) are going missing and presumed dead. A few bodies have been found and Bob is desperate to get to the bottom of this awful business. He enlists the aid of his boat captain brother, Roy. The killer, sporting a black trench coat and a gaucho hat, is getting a little stab happy with a long blade concealed in his cane. To make matters worse for any unfortunate soul that comes across the shadowy killer, he also has two loyal and vicious Doberman Pinchers. With no leads, the killer is free to neck stab his way around town.

Saucy Jack

Luckily, Bob picks the right strip club to visit and is close by when one of the murders goes down. One lead eventually gets Bob closer to tracking down the culprit but there is going to be one hell of an emotional punch when it’s all sorted out.

Bob may be the law on the land, but I…I am the law of the sea!

In an odd twist, the discovery of the killer leads to him being arrested and taken into custody. Too crazy for the prison system, the lunatic is placed in an asylum and he (of course) escapes. With his wife in danger, Bob heads to a long abandoned and rotting ship the killer calls home for a final confrontation.

She Gone

Weirdo Mexican flick plays out like a hybrid slasher and giallo film which eventually slips into crime thriller territory. It has a nice little mean streak throughout and it’s always fun to watch another culture take on something a little outside of their wheelhouse. It may not offer anything new but I’ll always love viewing the familiar from a fresh set of eyes. Director Peter Galindo III also blessed us with Vacations of Terror 2 and Hell’s Trap. 7/10

This wonderfully off horror hybrid has been made available (along with other insanity) by King of the Witches. Pick it up here:

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