Featured Film: Amazon Hot Box (2018)

directed by James Bickert
runtime: 85 mins


The women-in-prison genre is much more vast and sprawling than the casual viewer might realize. I won’t sit here and give you a history lesson or anything, but I do want to point out that the number of women-in-prison films in existence is in the hundreds at the very least, but that genre has all but died out. Enter madman James Anthony Bickert, a women-in-prison superfan. In an attempt to pay homage to the genre he adulates while also creating a wholly unique entity, he bequeathed unto us: Amazon Hot Box

Squad goals

Why the fuck not, right?  Earlier in the decade he put out a biker film and a sequel that is basically a frothing stew of exploitation to critical cult acclaim. I trust the man to resurrect these dead sea scrolls of trashy cinema.

Squad goals

Amazon Hot Box is a roiling cauldron of characters. From the sweet innocent Penny (Your mother didn’t think you were worth much now did she?) to the She Wolf reincarnated, Inga Von Krupp, to her little person assistant, to the inexperienced, rebellious KS-13 agent, Agent Sixx, and so on and so forth. Penny wants to escape this hell hole, Inga wants to practice new torture methods and implement order, and irresponsible Agent Sixx is tasked with bringing down the president interim of the Amazon, bummed out pot smuggler Jett Bryant.

Machete goals

We get boa constrictors, double fingerbangs, piles of bosoms, naked fights, zombies, amazing torture machines, sex gas, bottomless pits, and butthole licking all set to kickass music.  It’s got almost everything you could want, although for my money I was hoping to see a bit more women showering. Small gripe.


I’m no women-in-prison aficionado, but I can almost guarantee there are heavy references to the Female Prisoner Scorpion films and the films of Pam Grier and Laura Gemser. If that butters your jolly toast then you need to seek this baby out like Waldo.

Gemser and Grier

Final thoughts on this one are that Ellie Church was a delight, Tristan Risk was over the top, the music was a bustling bag of fuck yes, and it truly was original. I would have liked to see the movie go a bit more off the rails like Frankenstein Created Bikers, but again, that’s me being a whiny little cock. Amazon Hot Box is definitely another independent hit.

And remember, don’t Bogart the joint.


Stay slime, and be rad at all times!


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