The Merits of Sin: Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell aka The Japanese Evil Dead (2012) (Japan)

Fuck. Have you ever wanted to kick yourself in the ass so hard it would rearrange your seating situation? Until this moment, I have never felt such regret and anger at my foolishness. I have seen Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell and I wish I had watched it earlier.

Game changer

Thirty years prior to the film’s main plot, an unhappy husband is seeking a divorce from his unstable wife. Her response is to attack him with a knife. He kills her in self defense and buries her body under the floor. Wham! Bam! We got a haunting, man! In the present, a physical fitness enthusiast pumps some iron and answers a phone call from his girlfriend, Mika. She’s writing an article on haunted locations and is interested in the house his father left him. He agrees to show her the place. Of course, they bring along a psychic.

I sense greatness approaching

The psychic foolishly summons whatever presence is in the house and shit hits the fan. The murdered wife wants revenge and she’ll take it against the spitting image of her killer. Possession, dismemberment, attack by disjointed limbs, splatter, and a wonderfully cheap looking final villain parade across the screen like a family of low budget, gore-soaked elephants.

That’s the stuff

It’s been a few years since I’ve watched the original Evil Dead but it’s easy to recognize the love the filmmakers had for their inspiration. Dialogue, scenes and vibes carry a level of warm recognition that should tickle the weirdo hearts of all us genre freaks. The movie pulls off the look of a well worn VHS without resorting to that annoying ass editing technique which followed in the wake of Grindhouse. BMBBIH feels like something you would have discovered in the horror section of your favorite mom and pop video store all those years ago.

$1 Rental

Never hampered by its low budget, and overflowing with enthusiasm, BMBBIH is a must for those cheap trash lovers out there. I’ve owned a copy for longer than I’d like to admit and hate the fact that I haven’t been singing its praise for years. I plan on rectifying that. 9/10

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