Fresh Cuts: Boar (2017) (Australia)

The giant feral pig is no stranger to the horror genre. Australia has already blessed us with the excellent Razorback, the United States threw out the slightly below average Pig Hunt, and even South Korea gave it a go with the semi-successful Chawz. Sadly, this time around, we get a huge hog film that shockingly lacks entertainment.

I feel ya, sister

A small Australian town has been losing livestock as a drought sweeps through The outback. Livestock is soon dropped for human meat and it does not take long at all to find out the culprit is one big and vicious sow. Not only is this bad news for the townsfolk but it’s gonna bring some pain to the life of a middle aged woman who has returned home with her yankee husband and two children from a previous marriage.

Bill “New Daddy” Moseley

More folks end up being viciously taken out and eventually the happy family (along with the woman’s ginormous brother and the daughters prick boyfriend) have to fight for their lives when the angry boar decides they’d make a mighty fine feast. There’s also a subplot involving two older gentleman (Ozploitation favorites John Jarratt and Roger Ward) bickering and drinking on the outback and Jarratt’s pub owner daughter getting worried when he doesn’t come home.

The king of Australia

There is so much here that should have gone right. The monster pig is placed front and center and the filmmakers were not afraid to show it’s beautiful ugly mug as much as they could. The small town vibe calls to mind the best of 50s low budget giant monster flicks with its easy air of community. Familiar faces pop up and there’s a nice streak of violence running throughout. Sadly, the whole thing comes off as workmanlike. With very little enthusiasm seeping in, boredom rises to the surface and to get me bored during a monster flick is impressive in the worst way. The quick exit of the film’s only interesting characters and a happy(ish) ending that feels like a complete cheat only works to sour the deal. It gets points for the cool ass practical monster and Jarratt but everything else feels like a waste of time. Damn shame. 4/10

You beautiful bitch

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