The Merits of Sin: Lolovokatra 2 (2000) (Madagascar)

Where am I? When am I? I think I may have shuffled this mortal coil ten minutes in and now I’m in purgatory in front of a movie screen. Am I alone? Was I ever alone? I’m not sure anymore…I don’t think I ever was. Madagascar…what the hell did you do to me?


The film opens with a zombie creature entering the house of a screaming woman. He proceeds to plant a spade in this poor lady’s head. This is the last we’ll see of this zombie. There are no subtitles in this film so just assume I’m only guessing at any plot. I had a brief grasp of what was happening and then a strong wind blew across the realm I had my feet planted on and knocked me into an ocean of ignorance. Fuck. Where the hell am I?

Follow my voice

There’s an explosion of action (at least what one can call action when your budget is non existent) at first. Rough edits and music cues that don’t belong on this plain of existence barrage your ears and eyes. A female ghost/zombie/witch is attacking various people and turning some into minions. A group of teen boys sit around and smoke weed. Church group haunted house shenanigans strike randomly and then suddenly…nothing. The boys are watching over a coffin and nothing happens. This goes on and on and on. My brain turns to fuzz.

Not the heroes we need…
…but the heroes we deserve

After various weird things keep happening the lull ends. The boys come face to face with the supernatural evil and a whole lotta shit goes down. It’s all below dime store quality. The specialist of special effects and some splatter bring our film to a close. I snap back to reality and I return to my corporeal form.

Life…finds a way

Extreme boredom and fascination run parallel to each other throughout Lolovokatra 2. It’s amazing. It’s agony. It’s an experience that some may not survive. Slow motion filmed in real time, dropped cues, schizophrenic audio and a level of apathy that reaches bizarre depths. If this is Malagasy horror cinema, sign me up but I should also get my affairs in order because this trip may cost me my life. Onward. ???/10

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