Announcement: Name change!


The Basement on a Hill is returning as a podcast! While that is awesome, and we wish them all the luck and success in the world, The Basement on a Hill podcast and The Basement on a Hill blog have become two separate brands. So, going forward, The blog will now be known as…


I thank you all for bearing with us through these changes, and hopefully you like the new vibe. Temporary headers are up, and newly reworked art is being commissioned. As an additional note, Schlock & Gore will now go by the name Schlock du Jour, which ReelRat first coined over at Cinemaslice.

Credit to

We look forward to bringing you more from the annals of Nigerian horror, forgotten 42nd street gems, and to explore every branch and trackmark of exploitation, schlock, and horror. We’ll also keep providing the fresh cuts too, so don’t be alarmed.


Thank you!




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