The Merits of Sin: Wolf Devil Woman aka Wolfen Queen (1982) (Taiwan)

When her parents attempt to escape the evil Red Devil after witnessing just how evil he is during some weirdo brightly colored black mass, a baby girl is left buried in the snow. Her parents sacrifice themselves in the hopes their blood will keep her warm until some form of luck shows up. They also cause an avalanche by repeatedly head butting a mountain but that’s pretty standard stuff. Luck comes in the form of a pack of wolves, who rescue the little blood covered baby and raise her as one of their own. Years pass and that baby becomes a cute young woman who (as most cute young women do) runs around hunting rabbits, wearing various furs and decked out with a grinning stuffed dog on her head.

Future Mrs. Brennan Dortch

A man named Young Master and his comic sidekick Rudi stumble into the Wolf Woman’s territory when they are sent to look for a one thousand year old ginseng which can help the village finally defeat Red Devil and bring about some peace. Instead they kill (kind of) the Wolf Woman’s mama wolf and injure her. Instead of unstoppable rage, Young Master uses his skills to straighten the young lady’s spine and she starts falling for him. This proves to be for the benefit of everyone as it turns out our wolf powered lady ingested the magical ginseng years ago after taking a nasty spill and was fed it by her worried wolf mama. So, she is pretty much a super powered Red Devil whooping weapon who sometimes has white hair.

Keep It Like A Secret

The eventual bonding and alternate reality My Fair Lady shenanigans come to a close when Young Master is kidnapped and brainwashed by Red Devil to become his warrior slave. Wolf Woman knows when she is needed and so her, Rudi and Old Master head on out. They will need to bring their A game if they plan on stopping Red Devil, his fright mask monster generals, a sexy witch who shoots lasers out of her hands, ninjas and Red Devil’s army of hopping zombies.


This shit is bonkers! Ling Chang (who also wrote and directed) plays the Wolf Devil Woman with an infectious zeal. She throws herself into the role and it is so charmingly stupid it breaks through idiocy into the realm of wonderful. The kitchen sink vibe is only enhanced by the editing which had to be performed by a schizophrenic on speed. This is a wild and somewhat hypnotic bit of Asian cheese. Do not let the playful nature fool you, there is a good amount of splat hidden within as well. 7/10

A warning to the curious: rabbit enthusiasts may want to avoid this one, or keep that fast forward button at the ready.

Get yourself a non subtitled copy from that majestic monster KOTW

4 thoughts on “The Merits of Sin: Wolf Devil Woman aka Wolfen Queen (1982) (Taiwan)

  1. I love this movie! It’s so beautifully crazy. It really needs to be cleaned up and put out on Blu-ray by one of those restoration/preservation companies like Vinegar Syndrome or Something Weird. I’d pay thirty bucks for that.

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      1. What’s missing from it, besides the subtitles? I watched a version on YouTube a few years with subtitles, but they only lasted for the first 80% of the film and then they turned off and I was left to guess what was happening.


      2. Sorry about that. I’m not sure on any cuts but I’d love to get the subtitled and dubbed version together because the dubbed version is hilarious

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