The Merits of Sin: The Supernaturals (1986) (USA)

Underappreciated gold from the lovely era of weekend nights spent rummaging through the local mom & pop video shop’s stacked horror section.

How could you say no to this cover?

Lost in the shuffle (most likely) from bad word of mouth due to a lack of graphic violence and the underutilization of some pretty damn good zombie makeup, The Supernaturals has slipped into a bit of unreleased purgatory. I’m just guessing as to why but I have a nagging suspicion a few people felt duped after witnessing what was contained within the tape’s amazing box art.


The 44th Division Field Training Core is roughing it in a supposedly isolated stretch of deep south woods. As anyone familiar with films will tell you: if you’re in the deep south and in the woods, chances are you’re either getting butt-fucked by some inbred psychopath and/or being hunted and slaughtered one by one. Luckily for our soldiers in training, the only hormones going wild are amongst the group but unluckily the stretch of land they have journeyed to has a bit of a history.

Just take a look…it’s in a book…

More than 100 years ago the union army sent a group of confederate soldiers on a suicide march across a field full of mines. More importantly, at least when it comes to the awful fate which awaits the 44th, those union boys also sent a young boy with supernatural powers to go play real life minesweeper along with the battle weary confederates. Now, the group of young army recruits (who just so happen to share the same division number as the yanks) lead by Nichelle Nichols (who seems to be having a blast playing the no BS but obviously caring sergeant) come up against a vengeful woman and a small platoon of mostly rotted confederate soldiers.


Witchcraft, reincarnation and a surprising amount of atmosphere all come into play. There is a scene leading up to the first death amongst our main group which involves a zombie slowly emerging out of a wall of mud in a cavernous mine shaft which has stuck with me for at least two decades. Now, I have seen thousands of films since my first rental of this one but this little nothing movie that nobody really talks much about has managed to burn itself into my brain. That shit genuinely creeped me the hell out. That’s gotta be worth something! Right? Alright, on top of the unsettling spooky vibes and awesome makeup, you also get a cast of some familiar and mostly vaguely familiar faces. Give it a go. I sure as hell still enjoy it. 7/10

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