The Merits of Sin: Demon Hunter (1983) (Mexico)

This Mexican oddity could have been a trash classic if only they were willing to embrace their slipshod makeup department. Instead, we get some mild entertainment and only a few glimpses of the charmingly awful monster.

Hello? Heaven? Yes I’ll accept the charges.

After an old sorcerer comes into his home and does some weird shit with a decapitated chicken to his pregnant wife, a no nonsense mustachioed man is gutted to find out his son has been stillborn. Riding his grief all the way into violent rage city, he murders the old shaman and throws his body in a nearby river. This was the shittiest of shit ideas. The old dude returns from the grave as a pissed off werewolf, begins to slaughter livestock and then eventually turns his attention to any human he can get his murder happy hairy mitts on.

Murder happy mitts > horse

With the jerk off mayor breathing down his neck, the sheriff teams up with the young town doctor in an attempt to figure out just what the hell is going down in their sleepy little pueblo. His theory of a grave robbing bear (though adorably horrible) doesn’t seem to hold up when a cranky-ass old priest joins in, convinced that all the signs point to the work of Satan.

Strong men get all the choir boys

Our odd trio hunt in vain for the alpha predator as the mayor loses patience and begins to think a mob may do a better job of tracking down the beast. He goes into Salem witch trial mode when his two rapey sons get their asses torn apart by the hairy hero (well, in this situation). The doctor slowly begins to come to the priest’s point of view and is forced into swift action when his wife is taken by the monster for mating purposes. You better believe there’s a final battle fast approaching which will lead to a burnt face, amazingly bad creature makeup and a the worst character in the film receiving no comeuppance.

My typical exclamation at the beginning of any interview

For a movie with this much going on and with a story on the upper level of ridiculousness it remains a pretty boring affair. It doesn’t help that they keep the shoddy monster offscreen for most of the runtime and when they finally do present him in all his half assed glory, we’re just left wishing we got more of him. I love small town settings and this one is populated with some great character (mostly crappy humans) and beautiful women. It’s an okay time but just not what it should have been. 5/10

Small talk keeps the weirdness coming. Go and support them.

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