The Merits of Sin: WNUF Halloween Special (2013) (USA)

October 31st, 1987. The WNUF News has one hell of a creepy special for all of their loyal viewers. TV personality Frank Stewart is bringing along an elderly husband and wife team of paranormal investigators (Claire & Louis Berger) accompanied by their cat Shadow and a catholic priest to help him prove or disprove the existence of demonic entities inside the notorious Webber House. The house has stood empty for more than 20 years after David Webber communicated with something evil through a ouija board found in the attic and proceeded to murder his parents. EVPs, psychic readings, an exorcism and the first ever live call in seance are all in the cards for the lucky viewers at home. Unbeknownst to the group of brave investigators, there just may be something lurking within the halls of the infamous house and it may not be too happy with the intruders.

Any questions?

Masterfully crafted, WNUF is presented as someone’s well worn vhs copy of the program with commercials and all. I have to say that it is expertly made to look like a well used tape, plucked directly from the collection of an excited spook enthusiast. The local business adds and TV movie spots are adept and had me nostalgic for those good old days of staying up late to catch Godzilla 1985 on my local movie channel. That’s the wonderful thing about WNUF, it’s so damn charming in how it presents everything that it doesn’t matter if the story is kind of bare bones (It’s supposed to be. That’s how all these specials were).

Paul Fahrenkopf is wonderful as on the scene “journalist” Frank Stewart. Sarcastic and playful in equal strides, you can easily see how he would be a well loved local celebrity. Claire and Louis Berger play the Warrens (famed paranormal investigators) perfectly and all of the local flavor segments built around the investigation give you a nice view of the surrounding community. It’s a pleasant trip to take and one I highly recommend for the Halloween season. 8/10

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