Review of ‘New Fears Two’ (2018)


New Fears 2 (the blue one), edited by Mark Morris, is the book of spooky shorties following up its 2017 predecessor, New Fears (the red one), also Mark Morris. Like oh-so-many of these collections, I found it to be under-edited, but the gems are worth digging out. Know what’s even better? WHEN ANGEL MINERS LIKE ME DIG THEM OUT FOR YOU!!!


Here they are, the stories worth reading in NF2:

Thumbsucker, Robert Shearman: Cringe-tastic group of gross dads.
Bulb, Gemma Files: Sci-Fi Electro Monster summoned from electro-hell. Gory/spooky.
Fish Hooks, Kit Power: *FAVORITE* Psych-horror commentary on society. Nails it. 
Emergence, Tim Lebbon: Old trope done well (also, watch DARK on Netflix (subtitled not dubbed)).
Letters from Elodie, Laura Mauro: Gothic and moody. Read with Jack Skelington blanket.
The Typewriter, Rio Youers: Fun times in first-person psychopathy!
Thanatrauma, Steve Rasnic Tem: Confronting age and loss, real-life-shit, existential horror.
The Dead Thing, Paul Tremblay: Balls-out batshit bonkers crazy stylized Harmony Korine-type horror. I wanted to read this one forever.
The Sketch, Alison Moore: Similar to the Babadook (which I luv). Yay unreliable narrators!
Pigs Don’t Squeal in Tigertown, Not sure this is scary, it’s more or less a Sons of Anarchy episode, but much more awesome.

Soon: I’m reviewing one of the best books I’ve read in a while, We Sold Our Souls. HORNS UP.


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