Forgotten Nightmares: Teenage Monster (1958) (USA)

Life is pretty tough when you’re a teenage monster. Ya got a mama who loves ya but worries about the extracurricular activities you get into. You got mama’s new love interest (dad did die seven years ago after all) ,who happens to be the town sheriff, snooping around thanks to your extracurricular activities. Worst of all, ya got a manipulative woman who you thought was pretty but now she just uses you to kill anyone who gets in her way. Yep. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it…or you may fall to your death from a mountain. I’m not sure how the old saying goes. All I know is this; it ain’t easy being a teenage monster.

Let’s hope he’s funny

Seven years prior in the old west of the 1880s, young Charlie is helping his father out at his gold mine. A meteor (stunningly represented by a sparkler on a wire) crashes down, killing Charlie’s papa and injuring the poor boy. It causes some type of mutation in Charlie because seven years later he’s a giant man with wild hair, a speech impediment and a violent streak a mile long. Kind of like a really tall me during the winter and full of scotch.

Remember me…as a wiener

Well, his mother Ruth has been able to keep him a secret up to now but it seems Charlie is getting more aggressive and it’s getting harder to hide the bodies. When they discover a prosperous gold vein at their mine, Ruth foolishly moves them closer to town. Charlie’s mental state continues slipping and he is having issues with mama’s new suitor, the kindhearted town sheriff. Charlie causes even more problems when he kidnaps a young woman named Kathy. Luckily he doesn’t murder her and Ruth is able to bribe her with her new found wealth. Unluckily, Kathy has had a hard life and let’s greed and power get the best of her. Soon enough, she’s manipulating the easily seduced Charlie and flipping a fatal bird to anyone she feels is getting in her way.

Sassy Kathy

Kathy begins planning on matricide, the sheriff begins closing in on the “fifteen foot” monster terrorizing the town and Ruth begins feeling the pressure of juggling her big ass secret. It’s a fine monster flick littered with some wooden performances. Gloria Castillo is awesome as Kathy and seems to relish in her portrayal of a corrupted woman going full blown evil when she gets her hands on some power. Charlie is one goofy looking monster and definitely elicits more chuckles than gasps. The old west setting is underutilized and, as a fan of horror westerns, that’s a bit of a let down. A fine way to kill a Saturday afternoon. 5/10

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