Spook of the Union – A Letter From the Editor

It’s that time again. We’ve completed yet another rotation around the sun. Some of Spook du Jour’s finest have compiled their end-of-year lists here and here, signaling the termination of 2018. Time rolls on like the paddywack man. Where was I going with this?

“Happy New Year!”

AH YES! 2019!

2019 Promises more of what you love! Interviews, lists, and of course reviews! Brennan, Jeremy, Rob, sometimes Jeff, and I are excited to pulverize your brainmeats with all the weird and spooky you can handle! More exciting yet is we are going to be adding some more writers into the mix to bring you even more of the goods!


One thing we hope to accomplish this year is bringing you news about physical releases in a “collector’s corner” of sorts, so look forward to that!

We will continue bringing you posts every week, guaranteed because we’re weirdos who love it for no other reason than it’s in our blood (Brennan has enough Merits of Sin drafts completed to get us to 2020 already!)

Stay slime, and Happy New Year!


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