Video Nasty Spotlight: Nightmares in a Damaged Brain (1981)

Video nasty count – 1/72

What does everybody want? Head!

A choppy little ditty with a bloody little druthers? Nightmares in a Damaged Brain (aka Nightmare) is a piece of scuzz that actually saw a man get jailed upon its release. But I’m not much of a historian. 

And I must confess, I am reviewing this nasty long after I’ve actually seen it, and I watched this particular film on YouTube, so you know, grain of salt and all that.


A screaming mental patient with bloody nightmares is declared cured and set free (for some reason) to do as he pleases, and what he pleases is strolling down sleazy 42nd Street and then terrorizing a family.

The said family he chooses to terrorize is worthy of receiving terror. There’s a a shitty 9 year old boy who is a pranking little shit, an over-the-top shitty mom, and some other shits in there too. Oh and there’s the dude with the shitty boat that the shitty mom’s a-bangin. I really didn’t mind their demise. 


Throughout the film we get these repeated flashbacks of miste-killer-man as a child in a bowtie chopping the fuck out of his fucking parents while they are literally fucking (S&M style). Hence his proclivity to go psycho in sexual situations. Although, that whole idea kinda goes out the window halfway through when he’s attacking this family just because.

The acting was whatever. Baird Stafford really committed to Tatum, the film’s said killer, but the real star here is the gore fx. Tom Savini can deny his involvement all he wants, we have photographic evdence of him on set handling things and the effects all scream Savini to me.

Look at that Savini bath!

It’s dingy, it’s odd, it’s bleak. It is reminiscent of both Maniac and Pieces, to reference other video nasties, but it’s Nightmare, and it was a nice inaugural film for this series!


Stay nasty



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