The 13: Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2019

13. Creep 3/Halloween Sequelhalloween

This one is a bit of a cheat. First of all, it’s a tie so there are two movies. Secondly, there’s no official word that either of these films is coming out this year. However, rumors are swirling around both and if either were announced it would immediately shoot up this list so I don’t feel bad about putting them here. Creep & Creep 2 are both extremely effective horror films and word is that production has already started on the third. It feels like a good bet that we will see it before the end of 2019. Halloween made roughly one zillion dollars and there has been plenty of talk of a sequel. At one point the assumption was that they would want it in theaters for this coming Halloween. Given that there hasn’t been much talk about it lately though, I’m guessing that it’s not coming until 2020.

12. The New Mutantsthe-new-mutants-2019

I have to admit that I don’t know anything about The New Mutants. I do know that the few forays that comic book movies have made into adult material have come out really well and I’m looking forward to seeing a comic book film that has a horror lean to it.

11. Zombieland 2zombieland-2-date

Six or seven years ago this one would have topped the list. The long wait (and failed television show) between the two films has caused it to lose some of it’s appeal though. I like theses actors and I had fun with the first one, so I am legitimately looking for to this but part of me thinks that I’m going to be going into it just hoping that they didn’t screw it up.

10. The Grudgegrudge-face-2019-main

The 2004 version of this film is much more widely loved than I ever would have expected. I saw it in theaters and laughed through most of it. That sound that the ghost makes cracked me up. The movie just didn’t work for me. Why am I looking forward to a remake then? Because I think the story is really good and there is a good film to be made from it. I’m hoping this one is more effective.

9. World War Z 2world-war-z-2-release-date-cast-updates

I liked World War Z but I was not at all interested in a sequel. Then I heard that David Fincher was going to be making it. Fincher’s name being attached to anything will immediately grab my attention. If he’s going to direct a sequel to a zombie movie that I liked, I’m in. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for this one.

8. Hellboy


Hellboy should be higher on this list. I thought that Guillermo Del Toro did an excellent job with his first Hellboy film and that his second wasn’t quite as good. When I heard that there was a reboot on the way and that it was going to be darker and more horror-based, I couldn’t wait to see it. Then I saw the first trailer. It doesn’t appear darker at all. The tone seems much the same. I’m still optimistic because it’s just the first trailer but it did cause this one to slide a couple of slots down the list.

7. 3 From Hell

3 from hell

Based on everyone else’s love for House of 1,000 Corpses & The Devil’s Rejects, I’m going to guess that this is the lowest position you will find this movie on such a list. I’m okay with that because it means that I have held strong to my opinion of Rob Zombie as a filmmaker. I’m fairly interested to see what this film is going to be but this is not the Zombie movie I’m interested in seeing. He has shown with The Lords of Salem that he can effectively do subtle horror and I’m dying to see him follow through on that. This feels like more of the same foul-mouthed trailer park characters that I don’t need to see again. 

6. Pet Sematary


I was not looking forward to this one at all. IT was a home run and it did huge business which meant that the floodgates were going to open for Stephen King remakes. It also means that most of them will not come close to being as well done as IT. After seeing the trailer for Pet Sematary though, I’m 100% on board. The King remakes will start to yield diminishing returns but it doesn’t look like the fall is going to start with this one.

5. Child’s Play

child's play

I’m not sure which Child’s Play I am looking forward to because I’m confused about what we have coming our way. I believe there is a movie and a tv show on the horizon. I’m not sure who is making what or what the difference is though. I lost the thread on this story a long time ago. I do know that if Chucky is coming back to the theater, I’m going to be there to welcome him. Consider this entry less for the film and for both things combined because I will support whatever is coming out. 

4. Happy Death Day 2 U


Happy Death Day was a major surprise last year for a lot of reasons. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I was surprised at how much everyone else seemed to enjoy it and I think Blumhouse was surprised by how well it did. My anticipation for the sequel is based solely on how much I enjoyed the first one, however. So far the trailer for the sequel has proven to be slightly confusing and irritating. Confusing because I’m not sure that I understand exactly what is happening, irritating because it completely spoils the first movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Every time I see it in a theater, I feel bad for my fellow movie goers who haven’t gotten to it yet.

3. Glass

After seeing the early reviews for Glass, I considered sliding it back a few spots. Things are looking grim for this one and when M. Night Shyamalan goes bad, he goes really bad. I kept it here though because despite the negative reviews, I’m still really psyched about it. Maybe I’m a fool, maybe not. We’ll find out soon enough.

2. IT: Chapter 2

There is nothing that will keep me from seeing IT: Chapter 2 immediately. I loved Chapter 1. Nothing about those statements makes me special. Everyone I know is excited for the release of this film. It’s the conclusion to the story that hooked us all and I have absolutely no reason to believe that it won’t be every bit as good as the first.

1. Us

There is no other movie that has caught my attention than the return of Jordan Peele. The impact that he had on the genre with Get Out is immeasurable. I’m not entirely sure what Us is about but it doesn’t matter. With one film Peele has reached the status of a director that needs to be seen. He’ll have that status until he proves that he is no longer worthy of it, which I don’t believe is going to be anytime soon.

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