Preview of C.V. Hunt’s ‘Halloween Fiend’ (Out on February 16, 2019)

C.V. Hunt’s vanity shelf bows low in the middle. She cranks them out without abandon. Halloween Fiend is not her end-all be-all masterpiece, but it’s not a contender for the donation box either, if only for the creepy-ass monster.


Does this spooky demon murder book spark joy? Yes.


The actual Halloween Fiend is a playfully murderous monster demon that preys on the people and guinea pigs (I know, I know it’s sad) of the small town of Strang. Think Stars Hollow, but with ritualistic murder.


Slaking our thirst with their blood, the last sound scraping their throats shall be the cry of Gilmore! (No one here knows what this is, fine).


Our first-person protagonist is Barry. Everything shits on him, he’s got lukewarm-at-best self-esteem, he’s the bodily equivalent of mashed potatoes. He’s perfect. Well outmatched by the towering fanged, supernaturally talented Halloween Fiend.


Name the movie!


Peripherally we have a couple of metalhead carnies, a hot redhead server, a sadistic and loopy old neighbor, and a putrid scrote boil of a sheriff to help make Barry’s life stranger or more awful, respectively.

At just over 100 pages, The Halloween Fiend does not aim to be an epic jawdropper, but a fun flash in the pan. Put it on your October reading list, keep it in the messenger bag for a go-to in-line read. It’s creepy, but not violent. The characters are fun, the story is fluid, and the ending is as satisfying as it is brain-squishing-ly trippy.   

And if this one isn’t your flavor, wait a couple months and try the next C.V. Hunt! Keep keeping her busy, Grindhouse! You are doing the lord’s work!

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