The Merits of Sin: Superstition (1982) (Canada)

A goofy personal favorite of mine from the early eighties. It’s a Canadian production filmed in Los Angeles that plays out like an Italian splatter flick. Seriously, the only thing missing is a laughable animal attack and a woman doing a dub job for the young boy character.

Canadian spaghetti

An abandoned house with a nasty past is the temporary living quarters for an alcoholic reverend and his family. He has two short shorts enthusiast daughters, a whiney voiced son and a wife with a hatred for bras. They’re staying in this church owned stretch of land until they can find housing closer to the church. Another young reverend named Dave is hanging around helping where and when he can.

Reverend Dave. Chill as fuck

Within spitting distance of the house is a creepy old pond and an elderly caretaker who lives with her mute son. There’s also a cranky and toupee’d detective hanging around, half heartedly looking into the baffling amount of deaths that take place on the property. There’s a few other characters but they won’t be around long enough for you to give a damn about them.

Oh no! Not whatshisface!

Before you can say “wait. Where the hell is this movie from?” Bodies begin to pile up. The house is on cursed ground where six hundred years ago a witch in league with the Devil was drowned in the nearby pond. When an obnoxiously giant cross is removed from said pond that witch gains more power. She was already stalking around the property at night but now she can come and go as she pleases whenever the hell she wants.

Witch, please

Everybody proves to be pretty damn useless, so it’s up to Reverend Dave to kick some ass for the lord and save as many innocent people as he can. He fails…miserably. Luckily for us, there is so much going on that boredom won’t even rear its ugly head while we watch the good reverend fumble and the fine crappy people in his care come to bloody ends.

She would have wanted it this way

The barely seen witch still makes for an imposing villain. Shrouded in a monk’s robe and shadow, she attacks quickly. Scaled reptilian arms and sharp claws are really all we get to lay our peepers on as she collects a body count in the double digits. There’s flashbacks, a mute groundskeeper with a connection to the witch, plenty of poor decision making, needlessly crappy people and a good amount of splat. Superstition hits at a frantic pace and doesn’t waste any damn time. It’s damn fun and you should consume it with your eye mouths immediately…damnit. 8/10

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